1. atbakzy

    you’re very good man keep going 

  2. ahmed bn murshed

    yo im 15 and just started thinking about my wight im really skinny and im
    not that tall i want to get muscle and at the same time i dont want to lift
    wights so i dont stop growing any tips please ??

  3. Arvin Ian Peñaflor

    I’ve been skipping 2meals per day for 1 week, thinking that i might use my
    fats as energy, haha i was wrong

  4. josh

    I eat all day and can slowly put on weight. But I think it’s because I have
    so much energy that I work out 7 days a week including the fact that I’m a
    fire fighter. I found this video a big help from the info. But I would like
    too try the 4 day workout. Could /should I do Monday, wednesday, friday,
    and Sunday. Or Monday through Thursday with fri, sat, and sun my off days?
    Also. Could protein in the morning and afternoon help vs. Just after my
    workout? Thanks.
    I’ve weighed 148 lbs at 5′ 11″ since 2007
    Another thing besides the fire fighting. I think my body has gotten use too
    so much cardio because of 8yrs of soccer and 5 yrs of swim team. After that
    I was in constant training for life guard and working out every day for
    years straight 

  5. Halvar Stee

    I’ll do it! coca cola makes you fatter? yeah? that would be a good way to
    start? as long as I don’t get a sugar rush?

  6. EchenSketch

    I eat shit tons… I just have a crazy metabolism.

  7. PumpTrainingProgram

    Do You Even LIFT!?
    If So, You Should Check Out This Channel!

  8. Extreme Gaming

    Hey i woud be pleased if you coud answer thanks! Im suffering of a bad
    stomach and when i eat i feel like puking so i cant really gain weight what
    shoud i do?

  9. Odin God

    my friend just died because he ate too much :( =) thanks for the advice

  10. MrStormbreaker10

    It is not impossible to gain weight and get a six pack at the same time. IF
    you eat a shitload of food and is working out hard you Will get muscles
    instead of fat. And muscles are heavier than fat.

  11. kal el

    i have been taking Up Your Mass protein drink on top of eating more and
    lifting. i have gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks. thanks for the help mike

  12. Kubreezy

    For some reason I can’t gain weight. I try to eat more, but for some reason
    nothing happens. 

  13. ahlgrenzkristit

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    trainers offered their top rated tips and created this report for you. Burn
    body weight, get RIPPED AB MUSCLES using this tutorial that you can
    individualize just for your body type. Find it at the following website:

  14. ThinkingDeepThoughts

    EAT ! ! !! !!! ! !!1111

  15. Pedro Ramirez

    Does this work on skinny with belly persons???

  16. Ben Freckleton

    Oman I need to show this to my friend

  17. RawNoob

    I think it would be better to eat clean considering excessive amounts of
    JUNK food can contribute to high levels of cholesterol.

  18. Zachary Roger

    Hey mike,I’m taking some weight gainers.So do I still need to follow what
    you do?


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