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Question by fernando: 2 week fatloss request?
I have 2 weeks before i leave off to mexico for a full week. The last time i went i was fat but now i am not as much. I’m fat but many people say i’m chubby. i didn’t do exercises for a week because i was sick. so i gained some wait. Do any of you know good ways to lose about 20 pounds in 2 weeks, and is it enough time to lose weight? I was thinking about eating tuna and vegetables for the whole 2 Weeks. water is something Ima have handy. ima bike about for 3 hours and ima try swimming everyday. Do you think i can get lean and healthier before 2 weeks? thanks!

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Answer by Tyler Jones
for me working out but I was a wrestler so it came kinda natuarally cutting weight but it aint healthy to lose so much weight so quickly

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