2 week fatloss request?

Question by fernando: 2 week fatloss request?
I have 2 weeks before i leave off to mexico for a full week. The last time i went i was fat but now i am not as much. I’m fat but many people say i’m chubby. i didn’t do exercises for a week because i was sick. so i gained some wait. Do any of you know good ways to lose about 20 pounds in 2 weeks, and is it enough time to lose weight? I was thinking about eating tuna and vegetables for the whole 2 Weeks. water is something Ima have handy. ima bike about for 3 hours and ima try swimming everyday. Do you think i can get lean and healthier before 2 weeks? thanks!

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Answer by Tyler Jones
for me working out but I was a wrestler so it came kinda natuarally cutting weight but it aint healthy to lose so much weight so quickly

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  1. Well, I dont think 20 pounds in 2 weeks..proably about 10 pounds in 2 weeks. And dont just eat tuna and yea. Eat ALOT or veggies and ALOT of fruit amd ALOT of water. If you would like to exercise, use Tiffany rothe workouts on youtube they work great. Also eat chicken for proten. Chicken.breast. Good luck!


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