5 Easy Weight-Loss Tips That Really Work

5 Easy Weight-Loss Tips That Really Work
As a nutritionist, I often get clients at this time of year concerned about summer — fitting into a bathing suit, getting some new clothes and navigating holiday eating and parties. I am not a fan of rigid diets, which restrict entire food groups for …
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5 diet tips to help you burn more calories
Many people who want to lose weight think they can simply exercise more often to reach their goal. While adding more physical activity can result in weight loss, it's important to change your eating patterns as well. In fact, your food choices can make …
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Venus Williams Shares Her Best Fitness Advice — Are You Taking Notes?
Williams was more than happy to share the workout and diet tips she's picked up along the way to her (no big deal) seven Grand Slam championships and over 40 WTA titles. For starters, she's learned to keep her eyes on the prize during tough training …
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