1. Tye Nam

    Totally agree with the final point! Support is really important. Thanks

  2. MiinaMarie

    Hi again. question: How do you feel about low fat diets/high fat diets when
    someone is just starting out. IE if someones trying to lose weight, but
    they’re not quite at the level of working out yet, do you still encourage
    the high fat diet (per se – like whole milk instead of nonfat) like if that
    person’s not moving much, won’t it be stored as fat more or less….also
    someone like me who is on a low fat diet (my calories should be fine – its
    weight watchers…anyway) if I were considering switching to whole milk,
    cheeses, etc…what effect do you think that would have on me? (I’ll keep
    an eye out in your video list to see if there’s anything regarding what one
    should eat..) Thanks :)

  3. Ashley Stiles

    I didn’t even know they had heads and faces until about 2 minutes in…

  4. selbran1

    When is the best time of day to exercise?

  5. Jimmy H

    I almost have to wear a bra and Im having trouble getting rid of my saggy
    boobs, and Im still struggling with my belly fat!

  6. fruitand nutcase


    I’ve been watching a few videos of yours and you speak a lot of sense. So
    just to make sure I have understood this correctly:

    Breakfast – high in fat and protein
    Carbs – Later on during the day i.e. lunch or better after workout?
    Homemade smoothies – are they okay to have at any point or a certain time?
    I do HIIT and also Pilates, what about fast walking or doesnt that do much?

  7. Liberty

    Great advice, but put on some shirts. I feel like I’m watching gay porn.

  8. Jennifer Edwards

    You guys should meet the tone it up girls! so much attractiveness in one

  9. GypsyTarotDreamr

    Great advice, I vote for keeping the shits off! ;)
    Also maybe if it isn’t too much of a hassle, starting a blog with all this
    wonderful info in it & maybe doing weekly or monthly workout routines with
    a sort & sweet meal plan. Just to give some ideas of what exactly is good
    for what parts of the day with different workout schedules. How you were
    saying that if you sit around at work all day you should not eat a
    loaded carb meal… Give us a month in the life of your meal planning or
    maybe what you eat for each meal for a whole month for every meal.
    Also I wanted to know your views on detoxing?

  10. Mamoun Esmail

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    able to burn up fat easily using Reborn Lean Max (check it out on

  11. Lu

    Are you gay? Anyway, you’re great! :D

  12. Karima Susi

    What’s your view on meal replacement diets like Cambridge?

  13. job ghimire

    Have you heard about Exyph Fat Loss? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way
    to burn calories fast.

  14. Cristina Yewll

    Hey guys if you’ve got 5 minutes check out my Chanel to see how I lost 


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