1. Ubduction MC

    Ok this is fucking bullshit. Yes I agree hit your cardio first BUT ATLEAST
    HIT SOME WEIGHTS. This guy telling you not too and like ”oh you can injure
    yourself” is bullshit. You’re gonna lose fat while doing these cardio
    workouts but you NEED to build muscle in order to burn more calories and
    not lose strength.


    basically lost the will to continue, because of the environment . I
    understand it’s no excuses, but I really just need that push , regularly ,
    I know I can do it , I’ve done it before, but since moving back in with
    family due to unfortunate circumstances , it’s hard. It really is. I need
    help, and I’m not afraid to admit this.


    I’m also having a struggle to lose my weight , I begin for a while and then
    stop because , well majority of my family is over weight , so their diets
    and what not screws up my rotation, to be very destructive and I fall into
    their rotation of eating and sleeping.i then become depressed and
    unenthusiastic and upset because I really want to be fit . We live
    basically nowhere near a gym and 

  4. minia alim

    Holla! This video clip is great. Yet, have you considered – Kurk Weight
    Loss Gem (do a search on google)? I’ve heard some super good things about
    it and my mom got very good fat loss results by using it. 

  5. Ashley Stark

    How I met your mother is fucking hilarious. You also look like your on
    steroids, and the way your acting too, chill bud.

  6. Mohammad Faizan

    Did he just say HIMYM is terrible??? I am not watching any other of his

  7. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    Good advice here…don’t make fat loss too complicated…Focus on your diet
    and the exercising

  8. shawn postal

    Love this video good advice I see people at the gym and they still look the
    same way for months

  9. Everest Strength

    great video-I would like to see you do some examples of how you go about
    your lifestyle before you started working out and how you transitioned into
    the life of where you are now.
    Just an idea for you to get another video going.
    Good luck and keep up the good work

  10. Rohit Singh

    It seems he is doing a music video. Can’t stop moving his hands. 

  11. Mike Richer

    I have been inspired by video, I will finally start going to the gym but
    like you said I need a goal. My goal is to lose 100lbs in the next week.

  12. anonoymous x

    i fucking love u man XD im doing what ur saying and it really feels good !
    , i see the changes and it pushes me forward ahhhhhhhhhh i love this 

  13. Gregorius Bryan

    I hope your tips work on me

  14. Mark Harmon

    You guys are fit. I always wanted to be fit but of late I have become lazy.
    Back in school days I was a workout freak and would do lots and lots of
    push ups daily but now I don’t have the same zeal for it. My tummy is
    slowly coming out of shape. 

  15. Dolph Createur

    GOD! This guy’s so annoying I’m going to do cardio – it worked! 

  16. Dilly Harlem

    keeping it real… very positive and informal video…

  17. Nina Rozman

    I love your videos, they’re really motivating and I’ve realized how many
    mistakes I’ve been making, so now I have a really different workout than
    before. Thank you so much! BUT YOU DID NOT JUST SAY HIMYM IS A TERRIBLE
    SHOW :O

  18. aminul islam

    Man, I need to get fit, right now. Have you heard of Belly Busting Box? My
    buddy has lost 30kg to date doing it and very highly endorses it. Recently
    I began and have lost 5kg so far so I’m getting pretty inspired. Search
    Google for Belly Busting Box.

  19. Brandon Nesta

    How I met your mothers on tonight, that shows freaking terrible anyway, who
    the hell cares! AHAHAHA!

  20. MarvelAvengers AllianceHack

    Good, but not good enough, Me and my friend are currently on a journey from
    http://bit.ly/16SqjfP and we’ve lost more then enough weight, all you are
    doing is just try to sell something that doesnt work, but this works, I
    lost over 35pounds in 2weeks, while my friend had even better results he
    lost 43 pounds in 2weeks , I guess it all comes to metabolism and stuff
    like that because we are doing everything same. But this stuff seriously
    works so if anyone needs help with it or wants to try it you should
    definetely do that! The more you sit on that couch the fatter you get! Just
    remember that you need to take action in order to get results. Take action,


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