Anorexic people? Thinspo videos?

Question by idlovetobeperfect: Anorexic people? Thinspo videos?
i am just wondering that do this thinspo vids give inspiration to be anorexic. because they give me inspiration to work out well and eat very healthy so that i could look good.
i dont mea thats the only reason. but i mean when you see them

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Answer by EmmieG
i was anorexic and it had nothing to do with any stupid video. SOME people have deeper emotions than that…… but its good you use them to keep fit 😉 lol. but dont let them make you anorexic.

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  1. Thinspo videos are disgusting. The people who make them deserve whatever hell they are trying to put themselves through. Anorexia is a horrible horrible disease and you shouldn’t try to imitate it for whatever reason.



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