1. Gracy Shabalala

    what I would do for a trainer like Chris


    What a determination.. Bravo..

  3. Jasmine Martinez

    Good Job! Determination and discipline is a factor for that! Kudos to you!

  4. Raed Darouaz

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  5. pangpengmaster

    Determination is her real beauty

  6. Janne Thiebaud

    Ashley’s mother and family are low life losers in my opinion, and I hope
    she wipes them from her life, if they could not support her in this massive
    battle to potentially save her own life. The mother is nothing but a first
    class bitch!! There is a LOT of truth to the saying “you can choose your
    friends, but not your family”, as Ashley found out, but thank God she had a
    GOOD and TRUE friend to be there for her. One day her mother and selfish
    siblings will need HER, and I hope she spits in their faces!! GO Ashley,
    and have a great life, YOU DESERVE IT sweet lady! KUDOS to you for your
    astonishing success. :) <3

  7. Gracia Kennyta

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  8. Keishlyann Marcano

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  9. Janet Valentin

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  10. Kim Vicki

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  11. Ari Arias

    Wats up with all the ads in the comments?

  12. MZ Omar

    Waw…extreme weight loss….with a coach…profesi menarik nih…..weight
    loss coach

  13. sayce nays

    Venus Factor™ New Trial link

  14. claris drouet

    I see this couple as people that needed to mature up and they have, and
    they continue to grow. This will help them in ways they never thought

  15. eccentricflower29

    what is the name of that song playing at the 0:58 mark??

  16. veronicachic

    jason is a lazy, effeminate whiny bitch. i’ve seen young girls on here who
    are tougher than him. 

  17. xginanax

    First time hearing Chris Powell say the FUUUUCK word lol

  18. cayesh1234

    Jason looks a little bit like Robert de Niro.

  19. William Wallis

    Rachel and Jason spent 6 hours in a Jym the first day!!! surely, the human
    body can not take this without injury? The positive thing is, you guys are
    no where hear the heaviest I have seen on this show. Oh my, that’s a
    negative from Jason, on day 2, not good. Excellent, in no time at all,
    Jason changes his attitude, well done :)
    Here we are, a few weeks in, and you two are looking great :) That “warrior
    dash” looks amazing, loads of fun :) Dieting, can be stressful, ups and
    downs all the way, emotions change all the time. My mum gave me loads of
    support, through every contest. Jason, those dead lifts are amazing, your
    back must be very strong, 275lbs, that is a serious weight there Jason.
    Rachel’s look serious too :)
    It IS beautiful, (empire state) They walk through that door, they look a
    different couple, so fit, radiant. Rachel, Size 10, is perfect, Jason, you
    look amazing :)
    And I hope your lives will be perfect together for the rest of you days

  20. malani Moore

    im glad that they lost so much weight good luck

  21. Ariana0999

    wow!!!…he looked soo good and the wife:)

  22. sahajkuy rajanaka

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  23. Lee Braxton

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  25. huriye kantar

    jason is so annoyingly insecure. Be proud of your wife instead of jealous.


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