1. Dan Danut

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  2. Raed Darouaz

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  3. BkScorpio

    I hope when I loose this extra me, I look as beautiful as you when I’ve
    reached my goal.

  4. Try To Cook This

    Of course it IS your metabolism. How can you think it isnt? Yeah, you have
    to moderate the fried chicken a little bit. Hope you are happy, b ut
    honestly, you looked cute and happy when you were big. However, other
    people are out there who make one feel bad about themself. 

  5. travellady68

    Such a wonderful story. I went thru the same thing all my life. Had
    weighloss surgery may28th,2013 and lost 70 pounds. Its still a struggle but
    inside I have to be happy for who I am and just admire the person I have
    become in life. Now I have a daughter who is adapting the same bad habits
    and it is a struggle to get her on rack. You are so beautiful and wish you
    the best.

  6. K Cook

    youre so beautiful x.im 15 size 16-18 and i want to loose weight but im
    scared that if i loose weight ill still be depressed as id still have the
    same ugly face and gap inbetween my front 2 teeth

  7. Canny Jo

    Did u have extra skin when u reached your goal weight?

  8. Mar E

    You’re such an inspiration!
    I started at the beginning of this year at 200 pounds, I’m 17 years old and
    5’1′ so I don’t really hid it well. But, after just a little over a month
    I’ve gotten to 182 pounds and seeing how you’ve been able to continue with
    your weight loss is very inspiring!

    You were beautiful before and after. :) 

  9. rasp berryboo

    i kinda went through the same thing as a child my step familly would call
    me fat because i was slightly bigger than them but looking at old pictures
    of myself i didnt look over weight at all the only reason i looked slightly
    bigger than my siblings was because i went through puberty first and it was
    really messed up for them to make me feel like i was over weight though now
    its true and seeing that you lost so much weight ik i can lose the few
    pounds im trying to

  10. Sophia Martin

    You are beautiful!!.. you look healthy and fit. Love your personality. Not
    sure how much your still trying to lose, but continue doing a good job as
    you have been.

  11. Luisa Hanewinkel

    Woow ..such a beautiful woman ..so powerful .you are Amazing ❤️

  12. Gracia Kennyta

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  14. clair johnson

    Your amazingly beautiful…..then and now..! I myself has grown up exactly
    like you. And yes…! Society is so so cruel. I was 19st September 2012 and
    September 2013 I weighed 10st 4lb. Now I’ve found random people in the
    shops/street etc smile at me/talk to me,, and I’ve found it really strange
    that when I was bigger people would look down on me……so yes…society
    is very cruel. I am now maintaining my weight which is a daily struggle in
    itself but I feel Amazing :). Btw…I lost my weight by eating healthily by
    having 1200cals per day. Now I maintain by having 1500 cals per day.
    Congrats chick…..and like i said:- you are an amazing inspiration to
    others…! Thank you for this vid xxxx

  15. baltizaa

    Holla Laila Daho..:)
    You look very great! This was a hard work but you did it! you did it!!
    Let me take you on a date better..:) I love food hope you still too!:)
    by the way you have a pretty smile..;)

  16. Janet Valentin

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