1. MissGlamBAM

    the way the picture transitions match up to We Will Rock You cracked me up.
    you’re gorgeous!

  2. morfuk

    Fantastic determination and consistency, but by the sounds of things you
    massively calorie restricted, which will of given you terrible metabolic
    damage. It’s one of the huge miss conceptions of weight loss, huge
    corporations and self proclaimed fitness guru’s telling you to calorie
    restrict or remove sugar from your diet, now is the time to start eating
    properly and maintain your great new figure. Bravo though, just shows how a
    strong mind conquerors all.

  3. Lyne Lapointe

    Le video le plus inspirent que j’ai jamais vu de ma vie!
    WOW! Quelle belle leçon d’humilité de la part de cette jolie jeune femme!
    bravo! c’est spectaculaire!! 

  4. marcela de iglesias

    you are absolutely amazing 

  5. Phasion Telelvision

    Awesome video I added it to my health and fitness portion of my channel
    playlist so my viewers can view your video as well to know that all things
    are possible with hard work and dedication and most importantly Love (self

  6. Kelly Gonzalez

    The first thing I noticed was great ass music taste! Queen & Panic! at the
    Disco? Yes please. Anyway, you were beautiful before and after! And you
    implants look great. Don’t mind what people say, if it makes you happy then
    it sucks for them! :)

  7. Mimi Damur

    And she ruins it with implant _
    Disappointed :3 

  8. TheDauntlessGirlonFire

    You have always been beautiful. +Misspinkmeltsaway 

  9. W.N. Squeers

    You have a perfectly flawless face. Good job on reaching your weight loss
    goals in such a short amount of time.

    This is pretty inspiring. What other cardiovascular activities did you do
    besides that elliptical machine? 

  10. Vanny mo

    now you can get your prince charming

  11. peter drysdale

    You look fantastic and your progress is really inspiring!

  12. Kimmehface

    inspiring! Love it! You are beautiful and also quite admirable. Congrats on
    your success!

  13. Rachel Tseng

    umm…..did she get a boob job. i think she did.

  14. Ali Kh

    the best thing is ur boobs still big -_^

  15. Nicole Miranda

    Hell, I am so inspired! I’m tryna lose 20lbs too so I guess your video
    would help a lot to keep me on track. Stay motivated!! xo

  16. Jasmine Castillo

    Oh my gosh! You lost 90 lbs in 4 months. Thats amazing! Oh my godh i have
    to follow your exercise and eating plan. Thats incredible. I want to lose
    50 lbs and i would love to lose it before october


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