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  2. FatBit

    Looks like he has skipped leg day… 

  3. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    Cool workout…But the diet is where you tone up and get lean…Get the
    right diet and you will lose belly fat

  4. Six Pack Abs Experts

    Great video and well explained too. I’m sure it will work. I think, one of
    the main reasons for failing at fat loss and getting ripped is probably
    rather ineffective workout routines and poor dietary habits.

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  7. paktungdraft

    m100 or this would burn more fat?

  8. mftgdeserteagle

    First…to watch this crap.

  9. Sam Bowden

    Kyoto Crank It Up Remix | By LuKang

  10. SuperMrman95

    Hi I’m 18 male and Ive got quite a bit of fat on my stomach and chest, what
    is the best thing to do to lose fat quick in those areas. Ive also got a
    membership at a gym, what exercises should i do

  11. Brihant Sharma

    What’s the tune in the video?


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