1. Liz Torres

    Id like to know how what you eat in a day looks. Like show exactly what you
    ate in a day.

  2. karla bejarano

    i cook i lot but i dont know how to cook less since i cook for my family

  3. miniliefdex malai

    you are so cute and thankyou for your tips !!x

  4. Lotus Smith

    Great video! (you say like A LOT!)

  5. rujet14

    Haha I am Singaporean and I think this is quite workable. I think you live
    in a southeast Asian country because of the name daiso. Good luck on your
    videos I learn quite a lot.

  6. Tamara Alfaro

    I cook my own cereal bars, it is so yummy and healthy way to eat a snack

  7. Saiorse11

    Brilliant tips, but you use the word like way too much..

  8. Syria Dotten

    Your soo adorable!! :3 nyah~

  9. zheng maggie

    Where did you buy that sweater! I love it! T.T

  10. gretawonderland

    I really like your video! and also your hair!:) where did you get the pink
    dish? i can’t find it anywhere :(

  11. Julie

    Wengie I feel you are so beautiful inside and out! This was so helpful,
    thank you girl! :)

  12. Wengie

    Maybe one day when I clean up :(! haha

  13. Tian Wang

    what’s the name of the asian market that you bought your utensils? Dietso?

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  16. adamseeb1

    I’ve been trying for 10 years t lose belly fat, I only eat natural whole
    foods…but no luck. I rarely drink, can’t stand fizzy drinks…what could
    it be?

  17. Sabir Hodzic

    What do you think, why did Jesus destroyed 2000 pigs in the Bible? Because
    God described pig as a dirty and unhealthy animal in the holy books, or
    Jesus toyed little with the shepherds? What do you think about these verses
    from the Qur’an: “And lo! in the cattle there is a lesson for you. We give
    you to drink of that which is in their bellies, from betwixt the refuse and
    the blood, pure milk palatable to the drinkers.” (Qur’an / An-Nahl 66). Or
    this verse: “And thy Lord inspired the bee, saying: Choose thou habitations
    in the hills and in the trees and in that which they thatch; Then eat of
    all fruits, and follow the ways of thy Lord, made smooth (for thee). There
    cometh forth from their bellies a drink divers of hues, wherein is healing
    for mankind. Lo! herein is indeed a portent for people who reflect.”
    (An-Nahl 68-69). Or this: “They question thee about strong drink and games
    of chance. Say: In both is great sin, and (some) utility for men; but the
    sin of them is greater than their usefulness.” (Al-Baqara 219). Or this:
    “They ask thee (O Muhammad) what is made lawful for them. Say: (all) good
    things are made lawful for you.” (Al-Maeda 4). This is true, so what do you
    think about that? Perhaps the problem is that it is written in the

  18. Fern Sinclair

    I love her comment saying to eat fats.. Atkins was somewhat right all
    along! I remember getting into a big argument with my high school health
    teacher over whether fats or carbohydrates contributed the most to weight
    gain… glad to say that I’m right!

    It just sounded stupid to me and too simple. Eating fats makes you fat. The
    fat that is in food isn’t generally the same thing as the cellulite that
    accumulates on our bodies. People get confused because we use the same word
    for both.

  19. Morp heus

    As we grew up we were taught Fruit Juice was healthy!

  20. Zen Carrolljorden

    and by TEA she doesnt mean SWEET tea from mcdonalds or taco bell. that
    stuff is just tea flavored sugar water…. its just as bad as MOUNTAIN DEW!

  21. Sophie Park

    Thanks for the awesome TIPS! 

  22. James King

    LOL Easy ways for someone else to lose weight. Good points.

  23. Kendearia Pratt

    is vitalmalt good for you please answer no 1 seems to know

  24. Christian Clemens

    Love your outfit… your look amazing in those pantyhose! Wear them in
    every video you make!!!

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  26. Bertha F.

    I found this video encouraging. These are practices I have been using but I
    still need some refined information. Are there any studies on the stages of
    sugar and processed food withdrawal? And would there be any specific
    supplements, foods, or activities that can help with each stage? Thanks for
    your lessons

  27. dizzyk54

    Thanks! Very helpful! Love your videos! keep the good info coming!


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