dieting tips?

Question by mex09: dieting tips?
umm……. i need advice on any kind of diet that will be effective

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Answer by Eddie k
The most important tip is to change your lifestyle! All diets make you lose weight but almost everyone once you stop will make you gain weight again. You need to change your lifestyle to have a diet that will work for you years to come. Good luck!

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  1. You should just excersise more, and instead of icecream and candy for a snack, have a bowl of fruit. And for dessert, have like, strawberries, or your fav fruit with whipped cream or sugur. Replacing sweets with something else is what I call a diet. Don’t eat any less food than you already do. I mean, if you’re eating 24/7, limit yourself to all the meals and 1 or 2 snacks. Hope I could help!


  2. Effective in ?

    How about eating healthy, nutritious food. No candy, no doritoes, no junk.

    Exercise. Try walking fast, not necessarily jogging, try moving fast at everything you do, and I don’t mean too fast that you fall down, but instead of dragging your feet or walking pidgeon toed, pick up your feet and flap your arms while you’re walking…

    Picture stuffing a fireplace with crumpled up pieces of paper, eventually it will be overflowing, unless you stuff it slow enough that the papers can burn off.

    Don’t snack, eat bigger lunch and smaller dinner.


    Most importantly, smile and be happy. You are what you think, clear your mind and be glad, let your mind open up and your spirit soar. Use your imagination and concentrate on your self projection.


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