Does eating white rice affect fatloss?

Question by lol: Does eating white rice affect fatloss?
Usually when I sleep at night i have some white rice because i sleep too late so i get hungry and usually rice is the only thing available besides bananas. Does this effect my fatloss?

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Answer by steph babe
White rice is low in fiber and gets absorbed quickly creating a spike in blood glucose similar to table sugar, Spike in blood glucose creates insulin surge. Insulin surge drops blood glucose too low causing hunger to eat more white rice.
Insulin accelerates conversion of calories into Triglycerides causing weight gain. Over time, insulin surges may lead to insulin resistances and eventually Type 2 diabetes..

however 🙂
Brown rice is the whole grain, only the husk is removed. It has has 3 times the fiber than white rice. It is an excellent source of manganese, and good source of selenium, magnesium, and many B vitamins. The fiber and selenium work in tandem to reduce risk of colon cancer

Avoid white breads, white sugars, ect because they slow down weightloss, and cause you to binge eat 🙂

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