1. Kim Chong

    This is motivating! A lot of fast weight loss techniques are either
    difficult or risky. Thanks Dr. Oz! I learned a lot from here.

  2. Kerry Travis

    I’m a fan of Dr. Oz! He’s really an amazing guy. I would like to lose
    weight fast too. I wonder what supplements I could take to lose weight

  3. Jennifer Marie

    My waist is 35 inches which is nearly in the ‘normal range’… but if I
    measured about 3 inches below my waist, thats there my pot belly is and its
    like 40 inches lol.

  4. MissWooHoo11 - BSL for American Pit Bull Terriers!

    dang they are gonna have to hand out those manuals to nearly everyone in
    america lol

  5. Raed Darouaz

    Great tips , but i think that following a weight loss program is necessary
    if you want to get an amazing results , so you can gain time and effort ,
    but the most important thing is the motivation , and for that i recommend
    the 4 day fat loss or the weight loss academy but if you are not enought
    motivated then don’t waste your money , good luck

  6. Eva K. Schumann

    Your body has the hormone that controls 100% capability to burn fat, it is
    Leptin. To losing weight effectively, you need to know the right way to
    accelerate your metabolism.

  7. Michael Tenaz

    Great tips. The weight loss for women is different from men. The women has
    to use the effective signal to burning fat than men called Leptin. It is
    good news for women to control Leptin in proper way to increase metabolism.

  8. Kimberly Shigeko

    The root cause of weight gain is uncontrollable appetite. That’s why
    Garcinia Cambogia is the best choice when it comes to long-lasting weight
    loss remedy. I lost 12 lbs. after fifteen days with Rush Nutrition

  9. Krisha Perry

    The fastest way to lose weight without dieting and doing workouts is thru
    taking Garinica Cambogia weights loss supplement. It’s really great! I’ve
    lost 15 lbs in just 3 weeks. I got it online from Rush Nutrition!

  10. Jarrod Varischetti

    thanks for that, but i dont understand the 3 hour bed time part?

  11. Nan Teera

    Thank you Dr. Oz. There are many ways to lose weight fast. I’ve used diet
    program and weight loss system, no hard work. I have day to day schedule
    for my beginning step, it interrupts my daily life just a little. I can
    lose weight huge pounds, it looks quite effective to me.

  12. Rajesh Naidu

    Holla. The information in this video is good. But, have you heard about :
    Kurk Weight Loss Gem (Google it)? I have heard some unbelievable things
    about their approach and my buddy got very good fat loss result by using

  13. Official Jiraa

    I’m only half way watching this and i can tell that this is sooo inspiring.
    Thank you so much!!!

  14. babyssb

    This is super inspiring. Thank you.

  15. Mama werden-Mama sein

    A food diary would be great :-)

  16. chant lyrique

    I really like what you said in the beginning of the video. I do think that
    it was necessary. Especially when you consider all the young girls watching
    these videos, it is so important you present a healthy attitude since you
    are a role model.

  17. Gloria Hewapatha

    Great video, as a model you’re doing something beyond great in sending a
    good message to many girls/women out there, who would starve their physique
    and lead themselves into all kinds of disease only because they wanted to
    look slim.

    Lot of respect to you! [Thumbs up and Subscribed] 

  18. Anne Rose

    A tip that I have always followed was to have one bite every 10 seconds (: 

  19. crystal4226

    It’s so hard to eat healthy when you live in a dorm :(

  20. Kenza .Zekri

    great and helpful video ! Thanks

  21. aashish Rajdhami

    Millions of people have the priceless capacity to get rid of fat — but
    don’t take advantage of it. Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to unlock your
    weight loss potential.

  22. G Money

    Ten mars bars??? How does one stomach that many bars without feeling sick! 

  23. Georgy Findlay

    The only modal I look up to, because she thinks about inner beauty, and not
    obsessed with being thin. thank you :)

  24. rouchelle dabral

    thankyou Honeyykin. :3 

  25. Ellen Shirley

    These are awesome tips, thanks!:)

  26. Hayley Steemson

    Snap! On all 5 of your tips. Love your videos, very REAL (such a nice
    change!) Might share this one with my clients. You’re a gorgeous person x

  27. lola omaha

    have you ever tried oolong tea 

  28. Sara Ish

    Please share more health tips!


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