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Question by MakeItUp: Enough For Fatloss And Muscle Gain?
Im 16 male 6 foot and around 194 i think
I walk at least 28 minutes to and from school 3.4 miles 4 times a week once on friday
I do zumba intermediate class for 15 minutes on medium dificult
I do the biggest loser workout on kinect full body for less then 20 minutes on challenging dificulty
I lastly do resistance band excersices with a heavy band

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Answer by Anne
Exercise is the best way to lose weight when you are under 18. Healthy diet (not necessarily a drastic reduction in calories, but instead a replacement of unhealthy foods with healthier foods) will also speed up the process. You might want to add some free weights or “core” exercises to your workout routine to help tone your muscles. The website links I posted might be able to help you too 🙂

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