1. timmy888999

    Weight Loss Facts (Maintaining Metabolism) 1. Exercise (Walking is
    perfect), 2. Carb Load. (states to body it’s ok to burn higher number of
    calories) then there is Fat Burning Oxidation, limiting Carbs and
    Starvation for 24 hours. Need to be careful with Starvation and Low Carbs,
    I wouldn’t recommend going below 100grams or starving more then 24 hours.
    Usually Starvation you eat breakfast, but don’t eating anything until the
    next morning. It’s really about fooling the body which expects a meal, but
    doesn’t get it. I wouldn’t did more then once a week, in order to maintain

  2. John Doe

    Is it safe to assume he is talki9ng about american gallon (3.7 l) instead
    of british gallon (4.5 l) ?

  3. Find Gohan

    about how much weight can you lose if you do this correctly 

  4. timmy888999

    The way I look at it there 4 important things that trigger Fat loss.
    1. Walking or Running about 5km 2. Limiting Carbs 3. Carb Load Once a Week.
    4. Starve for 24 hours Once a week.

    Also important to limit it to two meals a day.

    Better for the stomach to take big meal, instead of small meals. Leads
    higher insulin trigger, that would maintain higher metabolism leading to
    more fat loss then smaller meals which fails to trigger the body into
    higher gear.


    1. Maintain 100 carbs per day (Walk 5k per day) for two days
    2. Starve for 24 hours (no excise)
    3. Maintain 100 carbs per day (Walk 5k per day) for two days
    4. Carb Load Increase carbs to 200grams
    5. Maintain 100 carbs per day (Walk 5k per day) for two days

  5. FatherMischief

    Question: I hear a lot of tips directed at younger people. Does your tips
    change based on age group – specifically the over 40 group? If so in what

  6. Sinister woop

    Can someone please tell whether this would be a good plan for loosing
    weight and gaining muscle… (if it is bad.. dont kill me, just tell me how
    it should be improved)

    Breakfast- Semi skimmed milk with a banana


    Lunch- Fruits (Apple, Orange, Grapes, Strawberries)


    Protein shake

    Lunch – ( Grilled fish, Chicken Breast with roti)

    Regards from Uk Im 16 btw. 

  7. vito svoboda

    whats the instrumental called in the beginning ?

  8. geabot robert

    Anyone know what is the name of the intro song?

  9. Sufi Naqshbandi

    How much of the weight lost is actually fat? Because this diet seems to
    essentially deplete glycogen stores and dump water. If anyone has done a
    keto diet then you will know that a lot of the weight lost at the start is
    water weight.

    You will of course look leaner but once you eat your carbs your weight will

  10. MrSamracer

    so after you do the first week, immediately after the saturday 1 half
    gallon water and corbo hydrates you go back to the three gallons with dry
    proteins and brocoli? also, I havent been losing weight or doing the
    workout the guy asking has done, infact i have gained weight of 40 to 50
    pounds of nothing but fat, losing muscle. will this still work?

  11. Matt G

    I had been doing the same workout for about a month and lost about 8lbs
    then it kinda stopped. i felt like I’ve been getting stronger, but the fat
    loss stopped. I started to lose again once I simply changed the workout.
    Turns out I wasn’t burning the calories I used to because I got stronger
    than that workout routine. imagine that.

  12. Gino8451

    esta loco who is his uncle MR NOITALL

  13. Ronnie Keith

    Testosterone question: How can you fit eggs into all of this? I know most
    people would say just to eat egg whites, but the yolks are essential to get
    the most out of the egg (and also to boost testosterone). So would you
    recommend saving them for the weekend, or just eating them for breakfast
    only? (or what?) Thanks.

  14. Goldenn Ballpenn

    and on the seventh day he created bullshit


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