1. AnnaCoutureX

    Love the video, but you should post more often, like I can post like 1-2
    times a week plus I do vlogs and stuff.

  2. Iam Milena

    This is my favorite thinspo i ALWAYS watch it when i don’t feel like
    working out or when i’m kinda sad :)

  3. Abril

    hahaha i LOVE the “if snokkie can do it, you can too!” perfect

  4. kylar Herron

    Need and Ana buddy!! My kik is kiss_me_bvb

  5. sketch2escape

    0:32 looks justtt like me but i still want to b thinner…

  6. Shadae caradine

    Please check out my new Thinspo video. Thank you:)

  7. Rachel Horton

    To any girl watching, you are better than this. Because you are already
    beautiful. Being skinny is not worth the hell of anorexia/bulimia. Trust
    me. I’ve been there. Splitting your family apart and almost ruining the
    joints of your knees is not worth it, there are many other side effects
    also(losing your hair, loosing your boobs, losing fertility, teeth, and so
    on.). And to any girl that feels like they can not get out if the grasp of
    an eating disorder, there is hope. I struggled with an eating disorder for
    two and a half years, I know what it feels like. I went to treatment and
    therapy for a hella long time and it was annoying as shit, but it was worth
    it, because I have been anorexia free for over a year(well, 2 considering
    it’s now 2014). And to any girl watching this that is losing weight to
    impress a guy. Stop. From having a lot of guy friends I know from
    experience that a majority of guys do not find Un-healthily skinny girls
    attractive, guys like curves. So it is perfectly fine and normal to have
    some meat on your bones(it is more attractive in my opinion).skinny does
    not equal perfection. Anorexia does not equal perfection. You are better
    than this, because you are already gorgeous. 

  8. renee vinolo

    Most of these girls are natural skinny

  9. Posion Dolores

    Please, with the rude comments, quit. We are VERY aware that starving,
    purging, overexercising is unhealthy. We know that. We do it anyway. Our
    bodies, our choice. QUIT MAKING IT WORSE. Google pro-Ana, you’ll learn what
    it is. I ADORE the pro Ana/ Mia community. It’s my life. I would, and
    probably will die to be that thin. I think this is beautiful. Thank you for
    the video. <3

  10. Felicity Smith

    Need an anabubby so do I Kik me m_jay44

  11. call me Becky

    Im 125 pounds :/ I wish I were that perfect

  12. John Zold

    Skinny is healthy! Obesity Kills.

  13. carole bouchard

    at 3;05, ha ha you can not hat tits like that if you are a starving
    skeleton idiots

  14. AJessica1522

    xara weightloss spell . change your life. check her out .

  15. Elizabeth Arose

    Get the hell out of here bitch, and FYI I starve myself and exercise A LOT,
    You wouldn’t even see me sitting


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