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Felix Gussone Photos Felix Gussone Felix Gussone Doctors frequently tell patients that they have to lose weight. But the majority of them don’t know how it feels to be overweight or what it really takes to lose weight. I do. Between my 17th and 19th birthday, I went from overweight teenager to lean adult by losing 99 pounds. I was a happy teenager from a loving family. Food never served as a substitute for happiness in my life, and I had no reason for comfort eating. My mother didn’t like fast food and always cooked healthy meals. Knowing that, it seems absurd that I weighed 264 pounds at 16. The reason for my weight gain was simple: I loved food (I still do!), I ate way too much, and I hated exercise. Well, that’s not totally true. My friends and I were passionate soccer players — sometimes I would even start sweating when my Xbox game got too exciting. “If I don’t eat greasy fast-food, stay away from sweet soft drinks and avoid candies, I won’t get fat,” I used to think. So while my brother was having two potatoes, I ate four. He would have enjoyed a glass […]