Gaining muscle skinny guy, tips ?

Question by JackR: Gaining muscle skinny guy, tips ?
Hi I’m 5’8 and weight 139,how can I gain muscle? Is that a good weight for a 19 year old? I try to go to the gym and take 25 grams of protein after, can you give me specific tips for a guy who does not gain weight

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Answer by John
Hi I’m 14 and also are skinny and literally don’t gain any wait from eating. So I wanted to gain muscle, not much just a bit so I can have a bit more self-confidence. Now im no expert but people have said stay away from supplements. But all I can say is don’t just work out one part of the body do it all in one gym session. So abs different part of arm’s leg’s shoulder’s back muscles chest e.t.c Sorry if I couldn’t be of much help.

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  1. Hi Jack, what you’re looking for here is called bulking in the bodybuilding, musclebuilding community. I advise firstly that you calculate your BMR. That number will tell you how many calories your should be eating per day just to stay alive. Then you want to add significantly according to your goals. A caloric surplus is what causes weight gain, just as a deficit causes weight loss. So you need to eat. Now, to build muscle, you need to lift. Simple. Lift weights and go hard. Be sure you are taking somewhere between 1g per bodyweight to 2g per bodyweight. It varies. Do your research and determine your goals. I take about 40grams of protein after my workout. Also, keep in mind that building muscle is about exerting the muscle during training so that you force it to grow and adapt for next time.

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