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Question by Jon: Glutamine affect fatloss?
Im taking a l-glutamine supplement with an attempt to keep the muscle mass and stop catabolism… I wanted to know if by taking this anti-catabolic supplement, will I still loose weight? Im in a cutting cycle doing HIIT styled-cardio, with a correct diet for loosing weight. High Protein, High Fats, Low Carbs. I do 3 HIIT sessions a week, as well as weightlifting 4 times a week… I gain muscle, just am unsure if by taking glutamine itll affect fatloss..

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Answer by tennislover
yeah…you have the right idea
your going to loss fat
and maintain the muscle tissue

the regimen is.. before an after workouts
an before bed with the glutamine… the last two especially important

and eat plenty of protein
and eat the right carbs

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