How can I lose 80 pounds fast?

Question by jessnicop: How can I lose 80 pounds fast?
I need to lose 80 pounds to join the Marine Corps I want to join next year so I need to lose it fast

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Answer by vannnnnnnnaaaaaaaa
i dont think its healthy 2 loose 80 lbs so fast..

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  1. No, fast weight loss doesn’t work.
    If you want to lose weight, you need to increase the amount of activity you do every day and knock 300-500 calories off your daily diet. Our body needs 1300 calories just to live, without doing any physical activity what so ever.
    Don’t eat less than 1200 calories though, it causes your body to go into starvation mode – it will think it’s starving and hold onto calories, often starting to use muscle mass as energy… You’re not burning body fat. Having muscle keeps the metabolism burning more calories, so if you’re loosing muscle you’re storing more of what you eat.

    You should aim to lose about 1kg (2lb) a week. Losing more than this may mean you are only losing water, which will quickly go back on when you stop dieting. Large weight losses in a short time are usually followed by larger weight gain. This is why the Atkins diet doesn’t work, and all the weight is put back on after coming off it.

    Another diet misconception is that you should exclude or eat very little carbs. Wrong. Eating too much of anything will be stored as fat, whatever it is.
    To loose weight, eat sufficient carbs, but less than what’s needed to maintain your weight. If you only eat the carbs your body needs to function, you can’t store any fat because you’ve burned the carbs up! Our body needs 1300 calories just to live, just to carry out all the vital processes inside, without doing any physical activity. So you even need more than 1300 on a diet! Just under half of these calories should come from carbs; carbs are essential for your body’s functioning.
    So on a diet of 1500 calories, about 700 calories should come from carbs. That’s 175g of carbohydrate.

    It’s best to eat complex (whole meal, natural carbs). The more refined the carbohydrate, the faster the glucose is released into your blood. Refined carbs give a more sudden release of glucose in the blood all at once. As soon as sugar is in our blood, our body has to deal with it all. So when a lot of sugar is in the blood at one time, what our body can’t use as energy gets stored as fat. Complex carbs only give a little bit of glucose in the blood at a time, so it can all be used as energy and there’s no left over to get stored.
    If you eat too much starch, the excess doesn’t get stored as fat straight away; first it gets converted to glycogen, stored sugar in the muscles. You can use this stored sugar in exercise within 24 hours, but after that it will get laid down as body fat. So you don’t need to be too precise over how many cals you eat, just as long as you’re active in day to day life.


  2. fast? it could take well over a year to lose that much weight.

    first step of losing weight is to set realistic goals. other wise youre just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.


  3. A girl needs 1200 calories a day. All you need to do is make sure you burn more calories than you eat by exercise and drink lots of water. You can look up what things burns calories. Go to and to calculate how many calories you’ve burned each day and to track your weight loss. Hope this helped.


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