How do I lose 20 pounds fast?

Question by Andy189: How do I lose 20 pounds fast?
I have one month to lose 20 pounds…is it even possible? Please tell me ways to lose the most weight the fastest…including excersises and diet ideas. Tell me any methods you know!

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Answer by KOCUS
run for about an hour without ever stoping, slow pase

lose about 10lb in 3-4 weeks

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  1. To achieve any weight loss, you really need to excercise and eat an overall healthy diet that consist of complex carbohydrates (whole wheat foods that would be great for fiber and needed nutrients), lean protein to help build muscles and repair your body, and good amounts of fat for energy and needed nutrients the body needs that your body cannot create on its own.
    By making a few adjustments to your current diet (such as switching to water in place of juice and soda, etc, snacking on fruits and raw veggies instead, chosing whole grain products instead of enriched foods, etc) can also help you to shed some weight (depending on how your current diet is). Also cooking healthier (using a cook spray, switching to olive oil, grilling and steaming more often than pan frying and deep frying, etc.) And to help lessen your sweets consumption, try at least limiting yourself to only 2 or 3 a day. And try having healthier sweets like yogurt, all fruit frozen bars (some are only 90 calories each, and with calories so low, that a treat you could possible have each day), jello, 90 calorie or lower pudding cups, fruit, and low calorie ice cream bars (such as skinny cow, weight watchers, etc.)
    If you try interval cardio training and some weight lifting/resistance training, not only will you lose weigh, but you will also help your body become more leaner and tone looking and your core will become stronger.
    Try doing some ab work and don’t forget to work out your obliques (your “love handles”)
    Also because muscle does weigh more than fat, you may be heavier essentially, but leaner too. Eventually the more muscles you will build, the more weight you can burn. More muscles will help you burn more calories at rest. And then eventually the fat/weight will come off… but everything takes time. Remember, it is possible to be leaner and stronger, but weight more. But don’t give up and stay motivated… we all hit plateus. Also remember, that every one is a different individual and that we all lose weight from different places at different times. Your body choses when it is time, just be patience.
    And please note that if you try to lose a lot of weigh in a short amount of time, your body will really go through some health problems. Some risks could be that your hair may grown thinner, your periods may not be regular anymore (which is not a good thing), and your stomach system will be working slower, etc.
    Realistically, if you lose weigh the heathy way, then 1 to 2 pounds per week is a reasonable amount per week. Anything more, may be due to water loss or you have decided to go the other route and lose weigh by starving yourself.
    Remember that the number on the scale doesn’t define you… you define you. The scale can’t tell you how great you look in your jeans or how you feel… so don’t rely so heavily on that scale. Our bodies’s weight constantly fluctuates all the time… so it isn’t always so reliable.


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