1. yifan jiang

    Been a faithful believer of the open face sandwich for a year now .. those
    clever little tricks adds up to makes a difference. thx Jen~

  2. spanishsamurai

    Hey I do the same thing !!!……. I park as far as I can and get a little
    workout out of it…… Music on the other hand I used to listen to all the
    time at the gym but now,………and this is a personal opinion of course,
    I don’t listen to anything with words or to up beat…… I used to listen
    to trance or alternative or even metal and it became quite the
    distraction……Now I listen to soothing things if you like classical
    guitar or piano or movie scores and etc. I find that it’s more comforting
    and it really calms your mind and you’re just more focused on you. Just a
    thought though……… take it easy lady

  3. Abigail Victory Pedersen

    What app is it?

  4. DemonXY2J

    If you want to start on going on a diet just watch man vs wild every single
    day. You should lose your appetite in a matter of seconds

  5. Angela Mercado

    I lost a lot of weight in a matter of three-months time or so. I would say
    I lost 10 – 20 pounds. I didn’t skip meals, or count calories like everyone
    thought I did. I also didn’t exercise regularly. What helped me was to be
    more cautious about what I am eating in Asian countries, Rice IS a staple.
    But sadly, white rice bloats and makes you fat. When our household switched
    to Brown rice, not only me, but all of us started losing weight! Brown rice
    may not be as “soft” as white rice, but it tastes better in my opinion and
    if it doesn’t for you, I guarantee you that you’ll get used to it by time.
    I also Detox my body every one or two weeks and literally drank a ton of
    water. I definitely agree with the tips Jenn said.

  6. ObEYY Marissa

    OMG YOUR SO CUTE AND I love you poster if the smiths

  7. Chanyeolthe BFG

    cows get planted????????????/

  8. Wada Ayaka

    i scares me so much that u look like my colsplay friend


    An African kid cried while dying when you said you threw away the bread.

  10. Makaela Bailey

    I’m 11 and I drink Mountain Dew almost everyday lol

  11. Sabra Yemen

    Hey, I like your ideas. They’re really amazing. I’ll try some. Thank you. :)
    BTW you have a really cute smile.Your beautiful too. :)

  12. Chris Tine

    Your make up in this video looks so good!!!! Please do tutorial ✌

  13. 2fknqk

    wish i had u as a friend. would definitely lose wait around you. : )

  14. Bety Melanová

    You are my person! I love Casse, too. She is the best and… Yes, water is
    the best, too. Love the water. Drink the water! :)) 

  15. Lolita

    fruit and veggies are also carbs 

  16. courtneyd1999

    Not exactly. To burn off one simple m&m you have to walk 120 yards. Imagine
    eating a whole pack.I honestly do get what you are saying, but it takes a
    lot more time burning off half of those calories than its worth. Basically
    you have to do extra exercise (and nobody likes that) to burn off the
    calories. Whereas eating healthy there is less worry and need or necessity
    to do extra. I’m not trying to start an argument. I’m just trying to put in
    a little needed info.

  17. Reem Mohd

    U remind me of selena gomez the look. Pretty eyes & ur sound. I wanna hear
    u song


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