1. Janice Darlyne

    Couldn’t reply to Lacey Rose’s comment for some reason: My friends and I
    like to exercise together sometimes, or go to the beach in the summer. This
    past weekend I brought friends to our cabin in woods. I usually prefer to
    shop alone, but I will shop with my girl friends sometimes, too. My husband
    and I also like to have people over for movie nights. Hope this helped if
    you see it!

  2. Plill Acio

    We all die in the end, so I eat all I want. No diets/

  3. Edgars Goba

    Finaly someone makes sence,thanks a lot

  4. Grateplainz

    Thanks! Hope it works for me too!! 

  5. Kani B.

    Thank you. You have really inspired me.

  6. Lisa Emerson

    Janice how do you keep the weight off now that you are at your goal weight?

  7. wonderlandbby93

    Great video! I am sooooo bad at resisting junk food :( whenever I’m home,
    all I wanna do is snack on something. Even if I buy healthy snacks like
    nuts/dried fruit, I end up overeating and that’s obviously no help. I hope
    I can boost up my motivation and cut out junk foods. 

  8. lindsay compton

    hey loved your video, I’ve lost 17 pounds so far but kinda reached
    a plateau, wondering what you eat for breakfast if you don’t eat cereal,
    granola etc? I tend to eat weetabix, home-made granola or oatmeal with
    fruit. Can you advise me on what I should have instead?

  9. Growndweller

    It’s great to see your results and hear your weight loss story. It’s
    interesting that everyone who loses a large amount of weight always says
    they gave up the sugar, fast food and soft drinks AND EXCUSES! You are
    really mature for your age, well done on your inspiring transformation. :-)

  10. ABeautiful LittleBlog

    yes more health and fitness please, and what you eat in a day for sure. and
    also how you plan your meal and what’s on your weekly list. 

  11. Pripri

    Vey inspiring thanks for the awesome video


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