1. Muse Amore

    Thank u this kicked started me

  2. Danielle Croce

    OMG I love this! You are so right and don’t sugarcoat anything. Love love

  3. touchdowngirl13

    God Bless you are really helping girls. This is the way 2 keep weight off
    none of that don’t eat this or that. I’m a former NFL Cheerleader so I love
    dance & exercise but people need to keep it real. 30 minutes of exercise
    really kicking your own butt is good! I’m inspired & fitness is my life!

  4. Maddy

    I agree with the not going by a number everyone in other videos say they
    are idk like lets say 190 and they wanna be 160 its not like they are gonna
    be tht exact they should just go with it

  5. Sinovuyo John

    I love your videos! 20 POUNDS DOWN :)

  6. martinez verdun

    Oh my god I will forever be thankful to this video. I can’t believe I
    didn’t try the pb2 like that!! I would binge eat on pb all the time… i
    know weird but I freaking love it but now I can do it without all those
    extra calories!!! Awesome! :)

  7. Brushed Stones

    Since we’re girls and we have our best friends coming over every month do
    you exercise?

  8. brownskin141

    the way you lost the 80 pounds is more my style.not all of us want to avoid
    processed foods, do a lot of cooking,etc. some of us just want to simply
    follow a low calorie diet..so thanks for leaving that video up! :)

  9. Joetta Days

    never mind watched a little longer 5’9

  10. Kirstie Alyse

    My goal is to lose 30 in 12 weeks. I just lost 6 pounds and needed some
    encouragement. This video really helped me stay motivated.

  11. Jacika S

    Just an update.. Today is 3 months and total weight loss is 56 pounds.. You
    where my inspiration Thank you.. XOXO

  12. DuhNeeKa

    the baggies i love that idea


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