1. Amanda Norton

    My legs are weird like I have fat upper legs and skinny lower legs

  2. D Stern

    my legs look weird my lower leg below the knee area its all skinny but all
    that fat has gone to my thighs :( XD

  3. Misaki Yukimaru

    My legs are muscular fat but I prefer them skinny cuz I’m kind of a girlish

  4. Richard Huntley

    Yes the tips i’ve given you work for sure, but you MUST put them to
    Practice : ) Make sure you pick up my 7 day fat loss plan for Free and
    you’ll get some GREAT results there too!

  5. kim lauer

    this on my birthday XD !!!!!!!! yay

  6. Jeid Abtaji

    does it really works? my muscle on my thigh (vastus lateralis muscle)
    becomes slimmer, thinner or smaller? I want to make my thigh smaller in
    (vastus lateralis muscle)…. is this video & tips can help?… =)

  7. Litzy Carrasco

    My legs are normal fat but i want them skinnier

  8. MadCowMenton

    Everyone Fucking says different shit. I though if your skinny they key is
    low reps high weight. ie upper body max 5 reps for primary movements and
    6-8 for other. Then 8-12 reps for lower body.

  9. EXOglobe

    Instead of living large, why not live smart.

  10. Julius Fuentealba

    Great vid, I actually do all my sets this way but wasn’t aware that the
    tempo and rule of thumb (control, stretch, power) was more efficient for
    growth and better form during sets. Thanks! Very informative great vid!

  11. kaYcestYler

    Do you guys even consider the genetic of skinny people? I have a skinny
    mate and he used to join a gym and he cant really GAIN WEIGHT. Even eating
    high amount of foods you’re supposed to eat is hard for them because
    they’re tend to be full much sooner. Also because they got really low
    bodyfat the body wont allow to increase the bodyfat much higher!

  12. Profit Prophet

    Guy on the left looks like the Beret from Commandos, lel

  13. NetnOz

    im sorry but that intro was just so freakin lame, sure you have gaind some
    results but if you look at chris jones for example, he is living large :p

  14. Benjamin Uselman

    agree about the tension. started recently using ishometrics. but still
    having trouble adapting from cable to free weights. i think that this is a
    huge down side to me. but yes i do agree people who try to speed through a
    workout rather than controlling it have less gains. but id have to disagree
    on one thing i think descending down should be done as slow as going up.
    quite simply because your using momentim against using your muscles. taking
    your time is way more difficult. i wish i could get to my final stage. alot
    of you guys dont realize your already there. i mean the gains or cuts you
    make after where your at is slim to none 

  15. Day Walker

    go ahead, if u become i’ll change my name

  16. matt cleverdon

    theres a lot of broshite in this vid, skinny to roids

  17. Rogue2808

    I am skinny, had an eating disorder, and frankly I hope you choke on your
    protein shake.

  18. I am Maven

    Lol he’ skinny af! Fuck this guy

  19. Henry Perry

    his bicep form is terrible 35% of his bicep curls had the swing motion!

  20. Jord an

    10:15 look at the difference on this bloke arms. His right is much much
    bigger than his left. Too much fapping? I wouldn’t take any advice from
    this guy. This moron doesn’t even train both arms equally. 

  21. Kryptofit

    Muscle Growth:Weight Gaining Tips

    Lots of guys want to learn how to build muscle and how to gain weight.
    They’ve figured out that they can gain weight by developing lots of bulky
    muscle mass. What a lot of guys don’t know, is how to go about developing a
    heavier frame in a way that’s healthy. Here’s an example of how most guys
    go about building muscles.

    They’ll start out by either purchasing a gym membership and rushing to
    their new gym to slam down on the latest weight machine. Or, they’ll start
    benching and lifting the heaviest weights in the gym. Sometimes, they’ll
    bring the gym home by purchasing the latest body building machines, or by
    purchasing a heavy set of dumbells. Then after all of this, the typical guy
    will lift and pump their muscles to the point of exhaustion.

    While they’re breaking down their physical health, they’ll also fail to
    change their dietary and drinking habits. How many guys have you seen
    eating greasy burgers, scarfing down pizzas, drinking beer and sodas, all
    while supposedly “in training”? If anyone thinks that these are methods for
    how to build muscle, they’ll be sadly mistaken! At best, they’ll develop a
    bit of muscular structure underneath layers of fat that never seem to go

    So, if you want to learn how to gain weight and how to build muscle, get
    ready to take down some tips that are based on solid and healthy advice.
    First, you’ve got to prepare to increase your dietary calorie load in a
    healthy way. No, scarfing down pizza and greasy burgers doesn’t count.
    Eating a truckload of salty snacks isn’t how to build muscle either. You’ll
    need to make a dietary plan for yourself that will allow for you to eat
    breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a few healthy snacks.

    You might believe that you’re already getting enough food in your diet,
    but you’re not. If you want to build muscle, then you’ll need to eat more.
    Keep in mind that if you work in a career field that makes you work up a
    sweat, or requires you to use a lot of muscle or “elbow grease”, you’ll
    need to eat more snacks through the day. If you are moderately to very
    actively, you’ll need to eat more snacks, especially after engaging in
    workouts or physical activity. Keep track of how active you really are
    through the day, and make eating adjustments accordingly.

    Another tip for how to build muscles, is to eat food that is rich in
    calories, yet is also healthy. Eat nuts, diary products, and foods cooked
    or seasoned with fruit and nut oils. It’s not hard to create a diet based
    upon these foods and you’ll love the way that they taste!
    Finally, one of the most important tips for how to build muscle, is to take
    things slow when you are lifting weights.

    Take the time to develop strength all over your body. Never work your
    muscles to exhaustion. Give your muscle groups time to rest, and gradually
    lift higher levels of weight. In time if you do things right, you’ll notice
    that you’ve gained weight and muscle mass in a healthy way.

    How To Build Muscle In A Healthy Way
    Building muscles and gaining weight is not that hard if you just follow two
    crucial points, make sure you are in good routine when it comes to eating
    healthy recipes and second is proper exercise. Always make sure you are
    warm and a little bit sweaty before you begin to lift heavier weights.

    I have listed Down a great workout video below that i think you will gain
    allot of knowledge from. So by following a healthy meal plan like i talked
    about earlier in the article and proper training you will succeed. feel
    free to check out the rest of my page, allot of good info and healthy


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