1. Amaryn Kary

    I weigh as same as you, but I look much plumper. :-(

  2. Katherine Pierce

    Who the fuck bullied you? Girl I know how that feels, I’ve been bullied too
    as well. Not for the same reason but it hurts. It really does. Good luck
    with your fight girl!

  3. Nadia Dancie

    Omg I wanted to hugher ehile she wastelling the story

  4. Heaven Marie

    What a bunch of horse crap! Going on and on about some bullying
    story…nothing about a diet. What a waste of time.

  5. sam m

    What the fuck was the product name?

  6. myshine95

    This is obviously so fake. She didn’t explain the product at all. She
    didn’t show a before picture. & She’s using a fake sob story to lure people
    in. The website is even sketchy. It’s reverse psychology lol. 

  7. Alexis Urias

    It’s really fucking rude how some people are saying “you wasted 6 minutes
    of my life” like wth you don’t know someone or their story okay. And one
    day someone you love Are gonna be gone because of bullying so just stop
    this girl is truly inspiring and I love her story kids at my school also do
    this to me and I love this.

  8. alaka saka

    -_- nobody gives a fuck . how did u lose the weight damit

  9. Lori Kenny

    You sound like you are about to cry

  10. Tyreek Jenkins

    Wow I can believe someone would do that to you yea im a big kid and I know
    im a big kid isnt that enough before I use to be big but now im fit and
    thats all that matters I drained the old memories in the trash and basicly
    was reborn again…..

  11. neonpaintsplash

    Damn kids are assholes. 

  12. manuel castro

    Your pretty this guy is an idiot

  13. DantheManBooyah

    Thanks for wasting 6 minutes of my life.

  14. Elisabeth Hasselgreen

    Love this video, and that you actually know what you are talking about

  15. kaitlyn manning

    thank you. :) this is amazing

  16. pa3331

    Dude, don’t coerce people into clicking on your misleading video when your
    video was obviously about some other subject and NOT what the title says.

  17. April Ensor

    I think this girl is a liar, and a BAD ACTRESS…


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