1. Surmast Alam

    You can actually lose 45 pounds a month even more depending on how much you
    weigh. the easiest answer is actually starvation and not giving up on your
    diet. You don’t even need to workout or anything. Just take your mind off
    of food and substitute water for food. It will work your arms, legs will
    get a lot smaller but you feel extremely weak. But it’s worth it because
    you start looking more attractive and people start liking you. 

  2. How to lose weight fast for women

    Please share your comments or questions here

  3. Teyahanna Lindo

    if this works your a life savor

  4. Mandi Walters

    Are you still doing this?? Cause I clicked the link sent in my email
    address and have gotten nothing :(

  5. Felicity Smith

    Hello I’m currently wanting to lose 30 pounds but need motivation can u be
    my weight loss coach I really want to be a model I have the looks but only
    thing is my weight holding me back so can u please help me so I can achieve
    my dream


  6. Konan Varvarin


  7. tiffany brotzman

    am 50 pounds over weight

  8. Geta Valeanu

    Great tips. I watched your video 2 weeks ago….Thanks for your routine, I
    lost 11 pounds already :)

  9. Leonardo Baltierrez

    Does this work for men

  10. allllecsia

    I must really lose 30 lbs this month. Thanks


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