1. ComiCat

    its not nice to steal other people’s videos. That’s not you and you know

  2. Gachingy

    You don’t have love handles. You just got a fat ass!

  3. glamourarmy

    thinspiration , thanks for this all though it made me cry ( which probably
    wasn’t a good thing because im 16 and normal weight) you defiantly inspired
    me and Im starting to loose weight tommorow <3

  4. Gachingy

    White girl losing her fat ass, pathetic.

  5. steelerfan77777

    I like your 170 body better… Men don’t like to skinny we do like body
    like Serena, beyonce and jlo… Please don think that skinny is better.
    Because its not. 

  6. Kevin James

    I lost about 40 pounds in a couple months, I was around 250 and now I’m at
    210. All I did was walk and eat less, It was that easy. 

  7. J Lo

    Okay…you look so hot! What did you do…or not do? You looked great in
    the 160s!!!

  8. Nick Ritter

    ECA stack along with “IF” = amazing results i would know !

  9. Tyler Hansen

    Congratulations!!!!! You look amazing!!!!! Good Job!!!!

  10. Milica Petrović

    I’m so fucking jealous…I’m a coeliac so I stay skinny due to my diet, but
    no matter how much I try to get an hourglass figure, I can’t, it’s not

    But all credit to this girl for losing the weight, she looked fairly good
    at 190…she looked AMAZING at the last weight! 

  11. Jeff Winston

    You looked great before and look even better at #165

  12. Esmeralda Zuniga

    You are inspirational ❤️ I am so proud of you !!! 

  13. Αγαπη Αγαπητος

    Hey you did exercise and got healthier but the question is will you now
    look even better if fit and more fat? Like just gain 20 lbs doing the same
    amount of exercise and good nutrition (just eating more), will it look
    worse again or actually more sexy? That’s the real question.

  14. Briony Wilson

    You still have really big legs tho 

  15. Jujag Themag

    You lost mad weight. It really looks great on you. I’m beginning to see,
    how distorted we look, out of shape. Your overall body type changed. Great
    job. One more reason, to not settle for overweightness. Why? Cause we have
    the power, to change it. It’s simple laziness, that allows folks to become
    and maintain excess body fat. 


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