1. How to lose weight fast for women

    Hey everybody :)
    For everybody who left their email: I added your emails to my emailing list
    and you’ll get an email from me with some free tips. Thanks su much!

  2. raghu pathi

    its gud video… interesting!!

  3. How to get rid of cellulite fast

    losing weight is not that difficult if you boost female metabolism

  4. MsAnna47

    Good grief. What a stupid and shallow husband!

  5. Debbra Corbin Euston

    is there another way to give you my email? It’s rather public here.

  6. Brooke L

    I love your honesty. Your husband sucks though, you’re beautiful n deserve
    wayyyy better. <3

  7. MsAnna47

    He gets an F- still. And betcha you still felt mighty good in bed anyway,
    even to Mr. shallow chucklehead. Sorry. I know he’s your hubby, but give
    me a break. Lookin’ at other women b/c he can’t deal with “reserve”?
    What’s he gonna do when you get old?

  8. Kim Cullen

    I hate ur husband -.- fat or not your still a person with a personality. So
    ur husband might not of been attracted to u but that doesn’t give him the
    right to eff other women! No that gives him the right to keep it in has

  9. raghu p

    How to lose 40 pounds in 2 months, has this title: How to lose 40 pounds in
    2 months, lose 80 pounds in 6 months, losing 40 lbs fast video is
    informative … and its so useful for womens

  10. Geta Valeanu

    Thanks for all your tips

  11. Rebecca Weaver

    Drop your husband!!! He’s an ass!!!

  12. Nickfan korven

    lol now i know she has fucked twice and is confirmed with 2 kids now Lol
    and the other times is unknown!

  13. prettyperfect66

    This bitch was paid to do this!!! Thumbs dwn!

  14. Miquell Sanders

    I didn’t mean to say that on this video, my phone is retarded lol


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