I am skinny any tips? PLEASE?

Question by Dog lover123: I am skinny any tips? PLEASE?
Ok well i am 14 and only 85 pounds. I am getting comments that are like omg u r sooo skinny and i hate it like my mom always jokes that she could break my arm cuz it is as then as a twig. Everyone always compares my legs to their legs and it makes me self conscious and it is causing my boobs 2 not grow i think. Oh and my doctors even say eat more and i eat a ton and it doesnt do anything. Any advice (i want 2 gain good weight cuz i was watching tyra today and she said if you eat junk food it causes skin problems even if it is not causing you to gain weight)

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Answer by morgan c
if you exercise it can build muscle which can make you look “fuller”

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  1. Boost. it helps you gain weight.
    Of just eat a lot of protein


  2. Drink lots of milk, eat lots of fruit, and eat lots of pasta and cereal.


  3. Consuming the desired food is vital for your health. You can try supplementing your diet with acai berry, it’s not solely a widely tested and acknowledged weight loss compound, it’s a superfood too. There’s a risk free trial available at http://jawock.mydreamdiet.info I’ve been taking it for two weeks now and it is definitely working!!


  4. I am 14 too. Maybe your just born that way and you will begin to gain weight during puberty. Your body just isnt ready but the time will come. Since you can’t do anything about it right now just be happy in your body while you still have. Ignore the comments just think of it as a good thing. Wear cutee clothes to boost your confidence. Not all people could look good in an 85 pound girls body
    Good Luck.


  5. I don’t think u eat a ton. lol. If u see me, u’d say i’m fat or chubby, but if u feel like arm/legs it’s all muscle.! that’s y i weight a lot. muscle weights more than fat. ya i think ur skinny. try to eat lots of junk food, UR A KID, it will NOT do any bad. EVERY1 says it will do u bad, NOOO.! Ur a kid, u walk ten feet, bam it’s gone.! lol. just eat stuff that makes u fat. skin problems? possibly, but nope. if u exercise,
    exercise that adds muscle, like lunges and sprints. don’t run long distances that puts muscle on u but lil ones that make u skinniER. O.o ya it stinks. i have to run long, to get rid of these jumbo muscles cuz they rn’t so pretty on girls, especially young girls. : also just eat lots of protein. like meat. ya. ur boobs won’t grow much when ur twig skinny. hey i used to be like that, but then i started eating more, and i’m in LOVE w/ food, and i have no fat, [i exercise a lot, athlete] but muscle. i’m real short. and i look young. so.. email me if u have any concerns. i’ll help u.! :] cuz i can’t really fit everything on here.. it’d go on and on. xD


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