1. Patrick

    You’ll gain weight as you get older. Enjoy being thin while you can. Slender is sexy.

  2. dhruv

    u could eat protein bars and do some weights and dont worry u shouldnt get really ripped but u could put on some muscle

  3. armando c

    stop working out and star eating

  4. independant thinker

    Strength training and increase you calories with nutritious foods. Lean protiens and complex carbs and healthy fats. Try a website called MFP for guide lines on how to balance it all out, plus there are tons of people who can support you and help you.

  5. gurrrrrl

    Im like that too, im tall and really skinny, and i eat allot but i never gain weight. people always tell me to drink gatorade when i eat, i guess the food stays in your stomach for longer or something like that. Just eat! haha.

  6. Brianne

    Try lifting weights. Talk to a trainer, who will help you figure out a good routine for your age/body type. Weight lifting can be used to bulk up your muscle mass (which will translate to gaining weight) or tone your muscles, making your stronger and giving you a healthy, athletic figure.

  7. Heather+Brandon

    don’t gain weight alot of girls would do anything to be your size……. just remeber you are perfect the way you are! But if you really wanna gain weight just don’t exersize as much and take in more calories but balance it out… you dont want to be over weight and unhealthy

  8. AdidasF50

    As long as your healthy your weight does not matter. i’d rather have a girlfriend who i can go running with then a girl who has a nice body but smokes. i do not know if that makes sense but i hope you understand my point.

  9. pcinnamon

    you can gain weight by being healthy. eat a lot of wholegrain, banana, lean meat and milk! these will make you gain weight gradually and will keep you healthy. have a lot of banana with semi skimmed milk put it in your morning cereal! :) and if you want sweet things have dark chocolate or yogurt icecream. its not good to gain weight by eating junk food coz it will lead the excess fat in your body! hope this helps :)


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