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Question by Jezza_rox21: I want to be skinnier. Some tips?

So i would like to be skinnier. . . I’m not fat fat but i’m not thin or skinny. I would really like to have a flat nice looking stomach. I see girls my age that are nice and skinny and they can wear bathers and not be ashamed.
Please xx
and if your gonna say weight measurements please use australian units… e.g. Kilos & grams
and i am also

Like 172cm tall
12 years old

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Answer by Hannah
Yeah and I wanna be fatter 😀
I hate having such a skinny body :S
I got it from my mum’s side. D:

But er, have a good diet, 5 serves of fruit and loads of veges, and 60mins of exercise each day and LOADS of water 😀

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