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I’ve just picked up an incredible book, “Sweet Poison” by David Gillespie. For years weight loss diets have focused on eliminating fat from our diet but a lot less emphasis has been placed on reducing sugar intake.

Everyone knows that sugar is bad, but this book helped me understand the types of sugar that cause me to continually want more and how my body processes certain types of sugar.

David Gillespie is a recovering corporate lawyer, former co-founder of a successful software company and investor in several software startups. He is also the father of six young children (including one set of twins). With such a lot of extra time on his hands, and 40 extra kilos on his waistline, he set out to investigate why he, like so many in his generation, was fat. He deciphered the latest medical findings on diet and weight gain and what he found was chilling. Being fat was the least of his problems. He needed to stop poisoning himself.

cutting out sugar

In Gillespie’s opinion it’s not our fault we’re getting fat. Sugar was once such a rare resource that nature decided we didn’t need an off-switch – basically we’ll just keep eating it and never feel full. Major changes to our diets in the last 150 years have resulted in us going from eating no added sugar to more than a kilogram (2.2 pounds) per week.

Gillespie concludes that the more sugar we eat, the more we want. Food manufacturers exploit our sugar addiction by lacing ‘non-sweet’ products such as bread, sauces, soups and cereals. Gillespie tackles a really technical topic and manages to turn in to an entertaining and insightful read. I’d definitely recommend picking up a copy, now to begin the quit plan…