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Miranda Kerr Shares Her Favorite Red Lipstick, Diet Tips, and More
We tend to take diet and beauty advice from supermodels with a healthy grain of salt. After all, they're basically aliens, and no amount of kale is going to make us look like we came from their home planet. But Miranda Kerr is so refreshingly sincere …
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5 diet tips for traditional English dishes
Online has 5 diet tips to make that English favourite healthier, cut down on fat and slice off a few of the calories. Fashion queen Victoria Beckham has often spoken of being proud of her roots, and, shortly after the Beckhams' relocation to London …

6 Ways to Detox Your Fridge (and Your Diet)
But if you want to eat healthily, one of the first steps is to make sure your fridge is healthy too, according to Sharon Richter, R.D. Here are some of her tips for what to toss, what to keep, and how to organize so that you're more likely to reach for …
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