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Dr. Oz: 5-HTP's antidepressant and weight loss benefits and lap-band surgery
For people who want to lose 40 pounds or more, lap-band surgery is increasingly becoming a popular option, especially as research shows that bariatric surgery beats diet and exercise for producing fast weight loss. The gastric-band operation involves …

Want to Lose Weight? Pedal off the pounds.
Sure we all want to lose a few pounds at least, and here is a surefire way for you to do that. The National Bike Challenge , NBC, awards you points for each time you ride your bike from May 1st through September 30th. Are the points really worth anything?
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Debra Messing's 20-pound weight loss was due to low-carb gluten-free diet
I lost 20 pounds." Messing said weight loss wasn't her goal when she cleaned up her diet, but having more energy and improving her health was. "I made the change because I was just tired all the time," she said. Debra used to eat candy and fast food …

Lose 30 pounds in eight weeks with intermittent fasting, says nutrition prof
And after conducting numerous studies to understand how it works, nutrition professor Krista Varady has crafted a unique approach to intermittent fasting that helps dieters lose up to 30 pounds in eight weeks, reported CBS 10 News on April 4. Based on …

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