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Seeking glory in the arms race
Not wanting to be contrary, I neglect to inform him about the guy who was yelling "break his skinny arm" during the American's Super Match sweep over Canadian Jeff Milne. Ainali, a former competitive power lifter, has his eyes fixed firmly on beating …
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How to prep spring asparagus for cooking: Kitchen Tips
Don't toss the tough stem ends: They can be used to make vegetable broth, or tossed into your household compost. There's no need to peel skinny, pencil-thin spears. But you want to peel the lower half of thicker stalks, since they can be fiberous and …
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Read an Excerpt from Diane Keaton's Charming New Book, Let's Just Say It
I also wrote down several of Mr. Grant's fashion tips. For example, he knew that the proper look of a tie lies in a … We passed hipster panties spelling out “No Peeking” and “Let's Go Skinny Dipping” on the butt. At the million-dollar Fantasy Bra …
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