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This MyDietCoach App Is Basically ThinSpo
That's where things start looking especially like thinspo. You can choose between a number of situations you'd be in when there would be temptation to break your diet. Positive quotes and tips can be rather encouraging, but many of these veer in a more …
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Thinspo, eating disorders and the seedy underbelly of The Internet
Posting photos of those who they view as “thinspo” (thin-inspiration), these communities can provide “support” for people, preventing them from getting help and encouraging to indulge in these dangerous weight loss behaviours. The internet has created …
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Brawn this way – Fitspo: The buff sister of thinspo
Social networks have gone out of their way to kill thinspo: the hashtag is unsearchable on Instagram, and pro-Ana (anorexia) pages and websites have all but disappeared from the web. Now we have fitspo: but there's a fine line between motivation and …
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