1. kamizumoku .TheInformationDragon

    I have an ebook version of Dark Side of Fat loss. That is a great source of
    information even if you don’t want to loose fat. It gives you insight on
    the processes that are happening in our bodies.

    Right now I’m going to my second read of that book, this time with a
    notebook, I’m gonna take notes for a better understanding and memorise its
    content :)

    Thanks for the great work Sean!

  2. DJ Lazzell

    You, my sir, are an incredible teacher. I’m so glad I found your videos.
    You take the complicated, break it down into palatable chunks for me and
    make me smarter. Ain’t no dumb looks happening on my end. Thank you!

  3. Jen Umbrella

    Wonderful video Sean, and thank you for giving us an overall view of the
    whole thing, concisely. Easy for me to understand and remember. Makes so
    much sense and further illuminated me on my own sugar habit, thank you!!!

  4. heather karsikas

    SO thankful for your videos, research and resources. thank you, thank you,
    thank you!!! you’re a terrific human being. bless your heart. so inspired
    and blessed by your passion.

  5. Mary Hynes

    Great job explaining this!

  6. Rene R.

    Sean what about athletes that want to lose weight? That may have a
    resistance problem?

  7. fjuraa

    get some light to your vids :D

  8. Ritu Soni Srivastava

    Excellent video! Thanks so much. Made s not of sense 

  9. Tino Villaro

    Wouldnt a cave man be famined on a hunt for food though?

  10. stachiano .

    This is awesome, so beautifully put.

  11. Gus Abiz

    Dude your Paul Chek! ahahhaaah I swear on my life right when I was writting
    “paul Chek” you said it! Incredible, the universe works in misterious ways!
    Love the channel bro, you just got a new subscriber

  12. Enid Yearwood Cheeseboro

    I liked the presentation. The presenter explained it well. Now I think I
    have some hope. Thank you very much. 

  13. 起正

    once again, you’ve done it. peace, brother(from different mother).

  14. Laura D

    This is so awesome, thank you!

  15. Melissa McLaren

    Thank you for this. Makes so much sense why people stay fat when they try
    so hard to lose weight (me!).

  16. Linda Jennings

    Thanks for keeping it real and simple! OK, so I’m at the gym 2 days on, 1
    day off, on a high protein, carbs from veggies diet and it’s working
    great! I’ve now lost 7.5 lbs in 2 weeks. I am wondering if I am going to
    nose dive due to drastically cutting calories through eliminating fructose
    and wheat carbs and cause myself to go back into fat storage….there’s
    gotta be something that makes sense for smart people :)

  17. TheJourneyandBeyond

    Great Video! As a medical person I respect those who can communicate in
    words ordinary people can understand.

  18. Hasa Killingbeck

    Your body contains the hormone which controls 100% capability to burn fat,
    it is Leptin. To losing weight effectively, you must learn the right way to
    accelerate your metabolism. 

  19. Steven Holloway

    I workout at the gym almost everyday. I don’t do a lot of cardio though. I
    still have a layer of belly fat that needs to go away. Besides that, I have
    a really nice body. Should I just be doing some high intensity cardio? My
    diet isn’t that great, but it’s not that bad either. 

  20. BondiDesigns

    well done video. my issue with losing belly fat is eating at night. i
    looove to eat at 10-11pm at night. 

  21. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    In order to really tone up and lose belly fat you have to have the right
    knowledge…useful tips

  22. Bim Bom

    yes man …when you dont eat you get fat from air…lol

  23. MrTremeIo

    Baseball references. This guy’s alright.

  24. ultragamer101

    Sixpackshortcuts and insanehomefatloss are the only reason 2 reason that I
    lost over 35 pounds, my friends kept telling me that I look skinny, i like
    these fat loss videos and i subscribed to both of them, thank you
    insanehomefatloss and sixpackshortcuts :)

  25. alvincartoon

    My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to lose weight with Fat
    Blast Factor, but then they saw the results. Google Fat Blast Factor to see
    their reaction. (It was epic!)

  26. stopkillingus

    Before he started speaking I thought Mike Chang would appear.

  27. Carlos Hernandez

    AWESOME VIDEO JOHNNY, appreciate it!

  28. Billy I Scott

    This guy states the obvious! Like this if you agree

  29. Devarn Kiir

    hey um, if you workout 7 minutes every
    Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday will you lose weight and change
    heaps,or if you complete the same work out for 2 hours, will that have a
    big affect then 7 minutes?

  30. young steve

    1:40 I always do that shit haha

  31. blipblop92

    I like how the vid’s description resembles the ads for 6-pack on the

  32. Jonelle Dunkley

    I love your video’s guys!! Thank you :)

  33. Chondona khatun

    Do you reckon I would be able to slim down with this approach? Belly
    Busting Box just helped me lose 3 stones. Search for it and give it a look.
    It’s the one and only thing that’s working for me.

  34. Frrexinator

    i,m so strog i can bet a run race

  35. SKORGEMM666

    My goal is to have some sugar walls!

  36. Karnalsyn

    This guy needs to stop swaying from side to side…..I feel like I’m slow
    dancing with him. Even the camera is guy is like “wtf dude, stand still”

  37. drrtree

    Great video!! Great presentation!!


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