1. Gucci❤Mademoiselle

    Since it’s meals for 3 days, do you freeze some of them or just keep them
    in the fridge?

  2. Maria

    I really liked this video as it had some good info in it but I could never
    maintain such a boring meal plan with such little variety. I would be bored
    to death which is what would cause failure. Also, please do not misinform
    people, lettuce is not a complex carbohydrate. There is too much water in
    it and not enough qualifying nutrients unlike broccoli, for example.

  3. miltonmarie

    This is friggin AWESOME! I don’t know if I
    you mentioned it and I totally missed it (I most likely did because I had
    to watch the video in a hurry :)) I have a couple of questions after
    reading some stuff on you website watching this video.

    1) Is the oatmeal and eggs suppose you be ate totally plain or can I season
    my egg whites for flavors and add some cinnamon to my oatmeal?

    2) in what order should you eat what? Also how many grams/oz of sweet
    potato in each container

    3) I love lifting weights and I lift really heavy (I don’t know how to lift
    any other way honesty ;) I’m and meso/endo) but I’m looking to loose 20lbs,preferably just fat. I
    LUUUVVVSS my muscle. Is that doable with this diet.

  4. mrsscott87

    I just stumbled onto your page, I’m a new subbie. I just had a baby 3 weeks
    ago and I have 3 more weeks till I can workout soooooo to start off, eating
    right is what I’m doing!!! Any tips? Aayla07@yahoo.com

  5. Courtney Locker

    Hi! I just found your channel today and love your videos. About the
    oatmeal.. I eat quick oats every morning. I’m going to switch to the old
    fashioned oats. How do you cook and prep them?

  6. Daisy Bautista

    I love this video! do you by any chance do meal plans for people? If so, i
    would be interested please let me know. My email is daisyL2484@yahoo.com
    Thank you so much for your videos! 

  7. Elizabeth Lopez

    hi Kristin!! how would I know how many grams I have to eat? my calorie in
    take is 1200 a day

  8. Sabori Linda

    Hi just found u on fb, I am trying to do this right, I love to train with
    weights, I want to loos 60 lbs, I weigh 211, now 5’3,

  9. Summer Dabbs

    I didn’t notice any fruit. I love your meal planning techniques. I will be
    keeping all these in mind and hopefully, be able to post withing a month
    Thank You.

  10. vey. vey

    I just started my meal planning and im a little confused about the whole
    thing, I would like an email as well at Veysm88@gmail.com and also would
    like to know how many calories these meals have…. Thank you

  11. Courtney88

    I have a dumb question, how do you heat these up? I’m assuming in the

  12. L Santiago

    Thanks for sharing this video. I don’t think I could handle eating the
    same meals for so many consecutive days. Any ideas you can share on how to
    make them more appetizing?

  13. MrKoguchipower

    Hey Kristen, thanks heaps for your video on making a weeks worth of food in
    2hrs and also this one. It will help me heaps in my fitness goals. Thanks
    again for sharing great information! :D

  14. Vanessa Bot

    What a great video, thanks!!

  15. Erica Lu

    Hi Kristin, just found your channel and love your tips on how to lose
    weight. Since I’m trying to lose about 30 pounds and hope this meal prep
    works for me. But I have a silly question can I replace the Sweet Potatoes
    with something else since I don’t like Sweet Potatoes?

  16. mj Jua

    Kristin, I just want to say “thank you”! for being such an inspiration to
    ALL women but esp. to us women over 40! You look AMAZING! I just started
    lifting weights and eating better. I am going to follow all of your tips.
    Thanks again for inspiring me and posting all of this information for women
    to get in shape:)

  17. gabbyotamante

    In love with your videos and looking forward to apply all your tips in 2014
    , ;) I was wondering if you could send me some menus, meal plans, groceries
    lists? Or maybe you can show me how to do it? You are a true inspiration to
    me!!! Thankyou sooo much!!!! My email : gabbyota1026@gmail.com

  18. redtib2003

    Hey Kristin awesome video! I saw a comment below about a meal plan you had
    for your “sweetheart” and was wondering if You could send that to me! My
    email is hakgae.kim@gmail.com. Thanks so much! 

  19. T Scarbrough

    I wished you’d help the guys too! I get a lot out of your videos!!
    Thanks…I feel weird subscribing to a channel named fit & bikini being a
    guy! Haha

  20. QgproD Maroccain

    Go and Google Skinnimaker System and you’ll realize how particular foods
    ‘explode’ in your stomach.

  21. Goergebenson

    This guy seems so amazed that theirs an actual ‘Scientist’ in the sporting
    community lol. 


    Bulking or Fat loss. it still boils down to calories and moving yo’ fat ass
    (or not)

  23. mark standlick

    The biggest mistake for fat loss is spending money on the supplements layne
    bullshits us into buying.

  24. jeppe010

    “Metabolic damage was an interesting issue that Layne raised in this video.
    The idea is that if you have a large calorie deficit and do lots of low
    intensity steady state cardio over time, your metabolism will adapt so that
    you don’t lose any fat at your calorie deficit.” Thats why you do Keto and
    have a Carb load every week. 

  25. Michigan Kevin

    Oh you’re natty? YouTube natty mother fucker

  26. Berto IV

    Layne could say, ” Eat ten ice cream cones in one siting before bed, everyy
    day, to restart your metabolic insulin rate” and that interviewer would
    say, “yup, right”

  27. Adam Craig

    This presenter just seems on auto pilot. Completely uninterested. Lol

  28. Josh Croft

    Hey lets just criticize everything and ignore the actual content of the
    conversation because it makes us feel better about our inadequacies. We
    could, however, use this as motivation to do better for ourselves. But,
    nahhh…. that would make too much since, and besides its more fun to
    point fingers. As you can tell, I loathe most youtube commenters. Are you
    people like a clan of little hateful middle school bullies or something? I
    am legitimately curious. Are all people in the world this hateful on the
    inside, and they never show it in person because they are scared of
    confrontation? Hell it’s a theory I don’t know. I would like to take a
    sociology class focusing solely on the behavior of the youtube commenting

  29. Mitchumthegreat

    I have only watched the first 4 minutes but I can say this has happened to
    me, eating at most 200 cal a day I stalled at a particular weight, twice!
    So this does dispute thermal dynamics but if it didn’t happen to me twice
    might not have believed this theory either

  30. Samuel Knight

    I had to stop listening to this because of all the “Yeah”s and “Mhm”s 

  31. SinisterSkip

    I know it’s hard, but it’s more comfortable to listen to the interview when
    you don’t acknowledge what the one you’re interviewing says with
    yeah/right/sure/ofcourse after 2 sentences, because then the listener
    constantly needs to skip between two persons. It’s much easier to just
    listen to one person constantly. Just nodding or just listening helps a lot
    avoiding that annoying comfirmation every time. Just my opinion. Keep up
    the good work.


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