1. Amoroussparkle

    You didn’t need to exaggerate the before pictures, by having her sit bend
    over in the before and stand straight up in the after, it makes it seem
    less sincere to me, even though its obvious she lost a ton of weight. 

  2. Nicolas Rao

    Good stuff, I don’t understand the hate talk. Whatever for? Are they meat
    lobbyists?But those guys are professionals who work the stock market. Out
    here on YouTube its just hot air. I have know RAW food dieters for 35 years
    now and they still look and feel good.
    These girls look good and they did take the trouble to make YouTube work
    for them. Why don’t you post your own subjects instead of picking on
    others? The worst are the MLM hopefuls, piggybacking here. Garcina Cambogia
    or Malabar Tamarind as it is called in India is used in everyday cooking in
    Malabar, which is the state of Kerala, India. So no use dropping supplement
    names. Want supplements, they have their own section on YouTube.


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    Skinnimaker System to find out.

  4. Jenny Johnson

    Hi there! I also like eating raw food but I never thought it could lose
    weight. I only take Garcinia Cambogia extract for my weight loss effort.
    It’s so effective! I’ve lost 20 lbs in just a month. It works so fast! I
    got it from Rush Nutrition!

  5. Rainbow Lightning Lodge

    Is that a gold tongue emerging from that womans belly?

  6. SDOutdoors

    Both those girls anorexic, not healthy.

  7. Kristina Stover

    The blonde looks like she has snot coming out of her belly button. lol


    Wow!! Eating raw food/s is better rather than cooked ones, the natural
    composition of the food is not altered and because of that our body and the
    raw food reacts harmoniously to each other and promotes physical wellness
    and stability. Awesome vid!

  9. Raine Lee

    Wow! This is so informative! I also eat raw foods. Anyway, when it comes to
    weight loss, I always take Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplements. It’s
    effective and safe! I got it from Rush Nutrition guys! I’ve lost 10 pounds
    in just 2 weeks.

  10. JustMegawatt

    *Thinking about going vegan?* Reply to me if you have any concerns about
    the subject. I suggest taking things in with an open mind. For example, do
    not assume that the way you were raised to do things such as eating meat
    daily, worshipping religion, or whatever else is always the right thing to
    do just because everyone else around you does it.

    You have to take things in with an open mind and think about whether your
    actions stem from critical thinking or if you do them just because everyone
    else is doing it.

    “So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling
    quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a
    carnivore.” – Albert Einstein

  11. Claudia Duran

    I can’t take my eyes off the blonde’s abs. 

  12. katty kleo

    How easy is it to get enough calcium and protein on a vegan diet? I’m
    interested in going vegan but this would be my main concern.

  13. The Veggie Nut

    Congrats and good for you! You look great, but even more important, you are
    now healthier! <3

  14. Chris Fowell

    she looked hotter when she was fat sake thet booty baby

  15. DamnTheBeavers

    where did all that skin go?

  16. 2hot2nice

    You look absolutely amazing! Well done! What a great motivation for all
    people out there :)

  17. larsonb33

    I lost 200 LBS in three months with Jenny Crank! side effect may include
    “loss of appetite, loss of teeth, general crack head look, loss of freedom
    due to prolonged prison stays, loss of anal virginity from prison stays,
    loss of all possessions due to sale to buy more Jenny Crank, loss of all
    friends possessions for the same reason and finally death! Congrats you are
    now thin as a skeleton, enjoy:)

  18. Floyd Mccasland

    How do you get enough Calcium? Won’t you run into trouble when you get
    You look great! Barbara

  19. Cheapy Fit

    Can yall please go watch my transformation. I’m 6ft tall and went from
    weighting 115lbs to 180lbs in 10 months. Please subscribe.

  20. Blarity Taylor

    lol u girls sound the same

  21. Anna Bosz

    U ladies have helped me a lot thanks!!!


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