1. Kelsey T

    Thanks for sharing your tips. I have incorporated some of them already(like
    drinking lots of water) and have lost 23 pds in 4 months. I am still
    working on eating more greens. (I really don’t like them) have added baby
    spinach to the diet though. I do agree with you on it being a mental thing.
    a life style change. I know ppl look at me crazy now when I monitor what I
    eat. They say oh I forget your dieting! I tell them NO not dieting I am
    changing my relationship with food. trying to monitor what I put into my
    body. (This is a lifestyle change) I am really happy with this change
    because I have more energy now and I am feeling better about my body. still
    have a ways to go but in time I know I will be there. Thanks for the video.

  2. amysorel12

    You said don’t eat too late at night but what if you get hungry then?

  3. NickySplinta24Naturally

    Great video! I changed my diet this past week using the Dr. Oz 2 week
    weight loss plan loading up on low glycemic veggies and eliminating gluten,
    sugars and dairy and I have already lost 7lbs. Proud of you! You did well!

  4. Jade Wilson

    I want to point something out. Something I honestly think everyone here
    will agree with me on. You are beautiful! Even without makeup! You have
    very pretty skin! Lol & You seem like a very sweet person! ;)

  5. theblushingbellex

    This was the best weight loss video! So helpful

  6. Monae Rae

    Awesome video, love this and so motivating! I subbed :) and love the
    hair.. Ive been up and down with my weight since 2011. I gained 30 plus
    pounds over 13′ summer and im so ready to get back down.. right now im down
    about 15 of that 30+ pounds so im ready to get it together!! Im also
    documenting my weight loss on YT which is also helping :) thanks for this
    video !

  7. Adilisa Pagan

    Thanks for make this video!

  8. Waite a Little

    I really loved this video! I recently lost over 20 extra pounds that I had
    gained throughout school and I absolutely agree that it is a mental
    challenge. You have to really want it and be willing to work for it. It’s a
    lifestyle change that has to happen, not just shedding pounds. I also found
    that diet was definitely the most important factor me. It’s hard to put
    down the constant chips! Haha. Great video, really inspirational. 

  9. Vanity Haze

    You just explained me our mindsets were exactly the same, congratulations! 

  10. LuvLaugh .Create

    Great video! Thanx for sharing.

  11. Kani B.

    You have really inspired me. Thanks for your help.

  12. jadujen

    Wow! This is just what I needed to hear. You know, I think this is the
    single most effective and helpful weight-loss motivators I’ve seen. It
    really clarifies things, and does it in a direct, perfect way. I love the
    point that weight loss is more of a mental challenge, than a physical one.

  13. Lisa Emerson

    Samantha what do you do to continue to keep the weight off now that you are
    at a happy place in your weight?

  14. Ashley Muskats-Noel

    I relate 100 percent. I was a very overweight kid. Never felt happy with
    myself. At 5’1 and 190 pounds I decided enough was enough. I got myself
    down to 130 at 5’3 and I never looked back. This video was emotional for
    me- in a good way. Amazing job. Keep up the amazing work. Lots of love to
    you and to your young self. She deserves so much love. 

  15. Joan Diet Bars

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    the Stomach That Is Always Hungry. We call it “The Stomach Speaks”. Please

  16. Raed Darouaz

    I think that following a weight loss program is necessary for real results
    , you can gain time&effort .I recommend to try the 4 day fat loss guys for
    only 27$ with 100% money back guarantee !

  17. Kari McCarty

    I’m 5’5 and I Approxiamately weigh around 180. I was a good weight through
    the first 4 grades and reaching 5th grade is when I started gaining. I was
    160 pounds for a few years and then gained 20 more. I haven’t really been
    gaining much more lately. I just got signed up for a gym and hoping I can
    reach 120 pounds at the end. I’m tired of wearing size 14 pants. Thanks for
    the inspiration. It’s so hard to stay motivated. 

  18. lipglosslover83

    Thanks …. Smh smartphones for you. 

  19. ashley ongweso

    i’ve been subscribed to you for sooo long and i just want to say congrats
    on the weight loss! i’m happy for you :)

  20. Gracia Kennyta

    *Hello there! I’m really satisfied with this product. I lost weight in a
    short period of time without doing killer workouts*

  21. Cindy Martinez

    You go girl! Keep it up!! I hope that some day I can reach my ideal weight.
    Sometimes I think its impossible but I wont give up hope! Thanks for being
    a motivation!! 

  22. clair johnson

    Your a great inspiration…..I myself have lost 9st in weight. Society can
    be so so cruel. Congrats chick xx

  23. Janet Valentin

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    Cambogia only buy it on a safe place like Amazon.*

  24. Eesha Asim

    You are absolutely right;)

  25. Marlo Lewkowitz

    this was the first video if hers that i watch and when she started crying i
    instantly subscribed, i feel like no other youtubers show passion,
    sincerity, and emotion like she does

  26. Monica Sanmartin

    *My beloved friend shared this link to me about garcinia cambogia. In fact,
    it is effective and I got discount on its price.*

  27. sammie dixon

    Currently struggling with weight loss, it seems so hard to do. 

  28. Gracia Kennyta

    *This video is really inspiring! In my case, I take Garcinia Cambogia. It’s
    so safe and effective.*


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