Q&A: Can You Give Me Some Tips On Dieting?

Question by guneetkalra123: Can You Give Me Some Tips On Dieting?
I Know All About Dieting,And I Give Alot Of Tips Out To My Friends And It Works But I Want To Know If I Am Missing Out On Anything.

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Answer by no4play
Sure. Eat less.

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  1. eat right ( fruits and veggies ), eat more whole grains, and drink less soda and more water. But don’t deprive yourself, if you are craving a Pepsi, for example, have a can, but don’t drink 3 a day. Also, of course, add exercise to your life style. Even if you have to start out small at first.


  2. If you figure it out let me know because I am always giving advice about dieting and I never learn how to help myself.


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