Q&A: Diet tips??!!?

Question by mkaluna27: Diet tips??!!?
Does anyone have any helpful diet tips or ways they lost weight? I am trying to lose 10 pounds.

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Answer by sigh!
as simple as take everything in moderation, a little of everything that you eat. and you can still have at least 6 meals a day. no deprivation done.

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  1. I’d say by uping your water, and increasing your fiber and protein intake.

    Fiber can naturally “take out” 7 calories per gram eaten throughout the day. So if you had 30 grams of fiber, you just taken out 210 calories from your day. The bonus is that it keeps you feeling full.

    And protein is beneficial in the fact that it burns two times more calories just in digestion. Try eating 50-100 grams daily. Even if you can mix a high fiber meal with this (whole wheat pasta w/ chicken and maybe mix in some kidney beans, etc) it keeps you full!


  2. Ok im about to give you the best information you ever heard so prepare.

    1- When dieting, you need to drink plenty of water. Drinking any kind of pop or anything with calories and carbs will kill your diet.

    2-Your stomach is the size of…. (Make a fist and you will see how big it is) Lets say your hungry and you eat a chicken sandwich, afterward you could probably eat 3 more right? Well just eat a grilled chicken sandwich or even a 6 inch sub, wait 20 mins and see if your hungry anymore. Your not. Eating more than you need only expands your stomach. If you eat less like I told you, your stomach will start to become smaller, and that means your whole belly wont stick out as much.

    3- Drinking 2 cups of ice cold water on an empty stomach boosts metabolism 37%. Your body has to work, to warm it up, therefor burning more calories as well.

    4- Stay away from white bread, eat wheat, stay away from potatoes, fast foods, deep fried foods, breaded foods (like chicken or fish) and eat a lot of grilled chicken, tuna, salads without dressing, broccoli, shrimp without butter and garlic. Stuff like that.

    5- keeping your heart rate for 30 minutes, results in burning fat. After 30 minutes, you start burning fat.


  3. It all comes down to mainly to certain consumptions using the Glycemic Index.
    If you are a do-it-yourselfer you might want to read this book “The G.I. Diet” http://www.gidiet.com/ So far, it is the easiest G.I. based book to follow. There’s Green, Yellow, Red Light food lists sections in this book….just stick with the foods from the Green Light section and pounds will melt off. There’s also another book from the same author named “Living the G.I. Diet” with tons of recipes incase you dont want to invent your own using the Green Light section of the first book. If you combine this diet with exercise you can lose up to 20-40 pounds a month safely…I did this walking one hour a day and sticking with the g.i. diet while eating lots of foods mentioned. I never starved myself…and NO! this is not the dangerous Atkins Diet which tricks your body into thinking it’s sick in order to shed off pounds by losing muscle mass.


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