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Question by ILoveLamp12: Is thinspo good or bad?
I’m looking to shed a few pounds, not to become anorexic. I was just thinking of using some thinspo websites as motivation. I hate the pictures of girls with super bony hips. That turns my stomach and I never want to be like that. I was just thinking of girls who are at a healthy weight and skinny, not anorexic.

If used with a good diet/exercise plan, would that be effective? Also, is thinspo good or bad?

I’m also NOT pro-ana if anyone’s wondering.

Also, is thinspo the same thing as pro-ana? Because looking at skinny-people pictures helps keep me motivated, but I don’t want to involve myself in anything that endorses anorexia.

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Answer by M-Just M
I like looking at pictures of bodies that I would consider ideal for me, but I never look at the “thinspo” sites. All they have are beanpoles I don’t want to look like. In addition, when you look at a certain look for a while, you come to accept it as normal subconsciously. Even if you don’t want to be underweight initially, if you look at too much thinspo, it can skew your perception of what is normal and what is underweight. I’d stay away.

The “ideal body” pic I like looking at:

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