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Question by EVAV: Psychological changes/weightloss?
I was wondering what has to change inside my head for me to lose weight, do exercise, eat healthy. I’ve found that since I work very hard every day in a very stressful enviroment I feel like I “deserve” to indulge myself (more than often). Some times I see food as a way to treat myself w/a little TLC, and working out is so hard that I never feel up to it. I know, that if I love “me” I should be taking care of my body, so that is why i am asking this question, what has to change inside? How do I do it? Help me please I really want to be healthy and lean.

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Answer by Tegan
well, just from the bit i read about you, it sounds like you might like yoga and meditation. these are good for calming stress and weight loss and if you take a class there is more motivation then trying to go at it alone.
also, check out this site:
it’s all about healthy weight loss.

good luck! hope this helped 🙂

edit: try this site too 🙂

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