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Question by : Skinny teen bodybuilder needs tips?
im 13 and weigh 100 lbs and have a very high metabolism. i eat a lot and after my workouts have a protein shake and several egg whites i have seemed to only be gaining muscle and no body fat which i need. please leave tips below and i will highly appriciate.

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Answer by Johnny Mix
If you’re trying to gain weight you’re going to need to increase your calorie intake even higher than it already is. Eating more gets hard after a while, so you could always try a weight-gainer shake. 1 serving usually contains 500+ calories and many people(myself included) find it easier to drink these than eat 500 calories worth of food. Here’s a list(, though pretty much every company that makes regular whey protein makes a mass gainer blend as well(they just have more carbs, usually maltodextrin).

If you don’t want to do that you’re just going to have to eat more. Buy a loaf of wheat bread and start making sandwiches. Try turkey, peanut butter, fried eggs, etc. Whatever you like eat more of it. I love breakfast food so when I’m bulking I eat lots of pancakes, french toast, waffles, eggs, cereal, etc.

One of the best bodybuilding/bulking quotes I’ve ever heard:
“Most people eat til they’re full, I eat til I hate myself.”

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