1. Jonathan Mayoral

    Just gotta eat alotta carbs. Maybe join and train for eating competitions.

  2. VXMorte

    Gym can help, but you need to coax your body into growing against its natural state (homeostasis).
    Use compound exercises, such as squats, dead-lifts, rows and bench-press. These types of exercises use the most amount of muscle fiber and in doing so will help spur growth.
    You will need to eat well over your daily calorie requirements (better do a whole other google search for that :p )
    Also doing bigger lifts and compound exercises can increase your testosterone levels, which will also aid you.
    You will find a ton of ‘miracle’ sites on the net, but i don’t personally know of one that’s a true results based formula.
    Hard work and dedication.

  3. James

    Drink a gallon of whole milk a day. Don’t change anything else about your diet. Adjust milk intake up or down until you’re happy with the speed you’re gaining weight at.

    Make sure you hit the gym hard though, because you WILL gain weight. Just make sure it’s muscle, and not too much fat.

  4. BroD

    Get married. You’ll gain 30 pounds in the first year!


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