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    How would eating litter help you lose weight? If you want to make yourself so sick you’ll end up in the hospital, I guess you might lose weight? You’d gain it right back though. I can’t sometimes.

    Getting healthy takes an extreme amount of hard work but it’s worth it. Dieting doesn’t work.. eating litter doesn’t work. As soon as the diet ends, so does your weight loss. Use pinterest to find healthy, yummy recipes.. instead of chips and dip, carrots (or any other veggie) and hummus is delicious! mahi mahi is a light, low calorie fish that tastes amazing with lemon. I don’t like a lot of fish but I love mahi. Those are just two small examples. PORTION CONTROL IS SO IMPORTANT! Pay attention to serving sizes on nutrition labels. Don’t go over the serving size, or else you’ll double the calories. Most important of all (because eating right isn’t enough to lose weight) you need to work out. It’s horrible at first but once you build up your stamina you’ll begin to love it and wonder why in the world you didn’t start months ago. I’m a runner and I LOVE yoga. Find a work out you love, whether it’s running outside or indoors, swimming, yoga, bicycling.. try it all. Good luck!


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