Q&A: What’s thinspo and proana?

Question by : What’s thinspo and proana?
My friend keeps posting these photos and hashtaging them, and her and the people that they them talk about it and this girl called Ana, can someone explain it to me?

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Answer by boystownhotline
These groups or forums are dedicated to providing ‘thinspiration’ or inspiration for attaining thinness. The ana is slang for anorexia. It is an ideal that thin is best and how to become thinner regardless of the mental health components that go with eating disorders. The focus is not on becoming healthy. It is simply on being the thinnest you can be.

Counselor KA

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  1. Thinspo stands for thinspiration and proana stands for pro anorexia. They’re both sites that you should never visit because they promote eating disorders as if theyre glamorous lifestyles. It is NOT a lifestyle it is an illness that you should find it glamorous. It’s like you’re promoting cancer. They’re both deadly diseases except one is mental and the other is physical so why promote them? Don’t go to these sites they will only ruin your life. These are cruel sites that should be banned. They should raise awareness against eating disorders not promote it. They’re promoting death so PLEASE DONT LOOK AT THESE SITES. And try talking some sense into these girls that theyre going down the wrong path please because it is a life or death situation and it is better for them to stop now than going further and ending up with a feeding tube like me. Be careful and take care xx


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